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[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington Former US president hints Washington might have been behind the alleged attack on the gas pipelines Former US President Donald Trump speaks at a rally. © AFP / Allison Joyce The alleged sabotage of Russian Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea could lead to World […]

[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington On reading about the Saturday arrest of pro-life activist Mark Houck, I thought the author at this alternative site had to be exaggerating. It struck me as beyond belief that two dozen or so armed FBI agents would swarm the house of a Catholic father of seven, rifles drawn, and […]

[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington Her anti-Trump lawsuit is a staggering criminalization of politics. by JEFFREY LORD September 22, 2022, 11:10 PM New York Attorney General Letitia James announces filing of lawsuit against the Trumps, Sept. 21, 2022 (ABC News/YouTube What is it with New York attorneys general? Is there something in the Albany water […]

[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington Republicans and conservatives like to say that we must reform the Justice Department and FBI. I disagree. If we win the majority in Congress, they both need to be gone. That means completely gone, with no attempt to reform or rebuild them. That may sound like an overreach but the […]

[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington Tweet Reddit Share Share Email Mor RSS With well over a billion monthly views, Britain’s populist and pugnacious Daily Mail is one of the world’s most widely-read newspapers on the Internet, having twice the traffic of the Washington Post and five times that of the Wall Street Journal, even sometimes […]

[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington EMAIL Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, interventionists supported an invasion of Afghanistan. Never mind that the federal government produced no evidence of complicity of the Taliban government in the attacks. Never mind that there was no congressional declaration of war against Afghanistan, as the Constitution requires. Never mind that Afghanistan […]

[category Coddingtons Corner] Posted by Ada Coddington Last month, the Biden administration announced that it would wipe out an estimated $1 trillion dollars owed to the county. No vote, nor authorization from Congress. The money simply appeared as if by magic. While the administration’s decision is limited to student loans, the existence of magic money is apt […]