Jason Murphey

Jason Murphey is a State Representative for Oklahoma HD31. He represents South Logan County, North Edmond, Deer Creek and Guthrie. Murphey is a leader in the effort to reduce the size of state government. Because he refuses gifts and campaign contributions from lobbyists and groups that hire lobbyists he agressively leads this effort without being constrained by the demands of the special interests. You can see more of his work here >>> www.hd31.org

Jason Murphey: Taxing Netflix

Last Monday, legislative leaders positioned Oklahoma to join one other state and several left-leaning cities (including Chicago and Pasadena) in enacting a tax on Netflix users and users of other streaming video services including Hulu and Amazon Video…

Jason Murphey: Modernization Chairman Asks Legislators to Avoid Failed Massachusetts Tax Hike Mistake

House Government Modernization Chairman Jason Murphey today expressed his strongest opposition to the impending introduction of a legislative plan to put a new tax on the use information technology services.

“Earlier today, Governor Fallin released an article entitled ‘Computer Science, Coding Skills in High Demand by Businesses across Our State’ in which she acknowledges the the importance of the emergency technology sector in our state. It’s important to celebrate this fact, and I appreciate the Governor’s recognition of the potential of the IT industry, but even more important.we must realize the great harm that the pending services tax on technology is about to create,” Murphey said.

Jason Murphey: Big government groundhog day

State officials are continuing to consider an array of tax and fee increases. I instinctively know that these taxes and fees will have a traumatic effect on the state’s economy and I will oppose them.When the government increases a fee or tax it…

Jason Murphey: Sabotaging the Future of Oklahoma

If I were a sneaky out-of-state resident who desired to sabotage Oklahoma and ensure its continued dependence upon the capricious whims of the energy sector, I should think my best strategy of attack would be to propose the creation of a new Oklahoma “services” tax.

The new tax undoes some of Oklahoma’s greatest economic strengths and requires its greater dependence upon the energy sector by poorly positioning the state for future economic growth.