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OKC Meetup: Come out and support your fellow advocates of Liberty – a number of whom will be running for office! This is a VERY short convention – schedule is for just one hour. If you are between 18-40, come out and get involved. One day of a convention this year pays big dividends next year, when a new State Chair is elected…

STOP (Stop Obamacare Penalties Now) Capitol Day - Reprint

Speakers:  Opening Remarks – Steve Dickson, STOP organizer and volunteer

  Introductions – former State Rep. Charles Key, STOP organizer and volunteer

  Legislators –   Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon (confirmed)

  State Senate President Pro Tempore Brian Bingman (invited)

  State Representative Lewis Moore (confirmed)

  State Senator Nathan Dahm (confirmed)

  Closing Remarks – Bob Donohoo, STOP Statewide Coordinator

Stop Obamacare Penalties Now was conceived as a multi-phase project. The first phase has been a great success. It consisted of twelve rallies in cities across Oklahoma, organized by local volunteers, with invited legislative and governmental speakers and a closing speaker to address future action. Hundreds of rally participants were invited by thousands of emails and tens of thousands of phone calls. An already vibrant network of activists has been united and expanded in common cause – counteracting the penalties contained within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. You might know the PPACA as Obamacare.

Tens of thousands of people across Oklahoma have only just begun to feel the impact of this law. Insurance has been canceled in many cases, while coverage, rates and deductibles have skyrocketed in others.

Oklahoma City, OK 73105 – USA

Tuesday, February 4 at 12:00 PM


Robert Hubbard for Congress 3rd District Announcement - Reprint

photoOKC Ron Paul 2012

Robert Hubbard has been one of the friendlier and welcoming GOP County Chairs to the Liberty Movement. While he could be more accurately described as a “Constitutional Conservative” he will be a giant improvement over the current officeholder in the 3rd Congressional District, Frank Lucas. 

Please consider coming out today to the announcement if you are inclined to support Mr. Hubbard. 

Oklahoma City, OK 73105 – USA

Monday, January 27 at 1:00 PM


OKC Ron Paul 2012 Here is the official announcement on Facebook. I think we should show up and ask a few questions about the direction of the party, the leadership of the party, and what sort of job elected officials are doing. Make your voice heard……

Syria - Not Our War NonPartisan Rally

OKC Ron Paul 2012 Please attend if you can – here is the video of the press conference with Rep. Wesselhoft and others announcing this:… Share far and wide! Oklahoma City, OK 73105 – USA Friday, July 12 at 7:00 PM Attending: …