Precinct Leaders

OKGOP Precinct Packets are Ready  - Online links and Information sent to Republican County Chairs

The packets are organized into 2 sections. The first section is for the County Chairman and is numbered as County Chairman’s Page 1-10. These pages are information for you to organize your meetings and convention. There is a CALENDAR OF EVENTS for deadlines as well as the State’s activities through the State Convention. Please keep the list of contact information for help with your meetings and convention.

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The Elephant in the OK GOP’s Living Room

Officials in the Oklahoma Republican Party are still in denial about the September loss of a perpetually GOP-held seat in a special election for House District 85. At recent county and state GOP meetings, I heard the often-repeated mantras that the Democrat “outworked” the Republican, that more “liberals” are moving into the district, and that […]

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Precinct Meeting Live Stream First Oct 20th at 7PM - Ground Floor - Grassroots in Action

My premise is simple: To restore Liberty to our states and nation, we need to build precinct-level organizations based on precinct town meetings, community involvement, and political action.

The first meeting will include a presentation of the project, laying out the basic dimensions of the problems we face, the solution for solving them, and a clear vision and action plan.

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Senator Dahm: Why I Support Randy Brogdon for OKGOP State Chair and more Endorsements for Convention April 11th in OKC

The State Convention is THIS SATURDAY April 11th at Crossroads Church, 8901 S Shields Blvd, Oklahoma City, 73149.

If you haven’t registered and paid your Delegate fee, you CAN still register and pay the morning of the Convention from 7:00 –
9:00 a.m. Please come early.

Please bring a Photo I.D. ( i.e. driver’s license) with you.

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