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FGST:  Sample Ballot for Washington County OK – General Election 2018 – Vote Nov 6th

General Election (Nov 6th) info for Washington County Oklahoma, sample ballots and early voting information. My take on candidates, judicial retentions, state questions, and Bartlesville City Council Ward 4 seat.

Posted with prayers for all the candidates and all the voters.  May we see things the way He sees things and love our neighbors even as we vote!

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Source post is Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Sample Ballot for Washington County OK – General Election 2018

Because You Asked…a voting guide for 2016

Many have asked me how I will be voting and if I have recommendations, so I’m sharing with you the organizations and people I value for their research and explanation of state questions as well as how I plan to vote November 8th. Let me preface this by saying, we need to think long and…

SQ777 Right To Farm Or Harm?   — A Rancher’s Perspective

Our Inalienable “Right To Farm” is already protected in the Oklahoma Bill of Rights: Section II-2: Inherent rights. “All persons have the inherent right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and the enjoyment of the gains of their own
industry.” *3

Rights, such as the rights to our persons, property, and own industry, are solely gifts from our Loving Creator, not men. I urge my fellow farmers/ranchers and conservatives to hold on to those rights and refuse to grant them to the state via a rogue Oklahoma Supreme Court by voting No on SQ 777 (Right To Harm).