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Jason Murphey: The Unsuccessful Tax Increase Attempts

Over the course of the past several months I have written about an array of tax increases attempted by the legislature. As this year’s legislative session has been brought to an end, I thought it a good idea to describe the tax increase attempts that…

Jason Murphey: Assessing the Damage Part II

Last week I wrote about two new taxes that were recently approved by the Legislature. Because these new taxes did not meet the requirements of the Constitution, I believe they will be thrown out by the courts. The damage from this legislative…

Jason Murphey: Taxing Netflix

Last Monday, legislative leaders positioned Oklahoma to join one other state and several left-leaning cities (including Chicago and Pasadena) in enacting a tax on Netflix users and users of other streaming video services including Hulu and Amazon Video…

Jason Murphey: Modernization Chairman Asks Legislators to Avoid Failed Massachusetts Tax Hike Mistake

House Government Modernization Chairman Jason Murphey today expressed his strongest opposition to the impending introduction of a legislative plan to put a new tax on the use information technology services.

“Earlier today, Governor Fallin released an article entitled ‘Computer Science, Coding Skills in High Demand by Businesses across Our State’ in which she acknowledges the the importance of the emergency technology sector in our state. It’s important to celebrate this fact, and I appreciate the Governor’s recognition of the potential of the IT industry, but even more important.we must realize the great harm that the pending services tax on technology is about to create,” Murphey said.