Common Core is NOT OK

Teacher Caucus / Oklahomans for Public Education:  Rhetoric, Dishonesty and Inconsistent Loyalties


Is it ‘fair’ or ‘ethical’ to post information about a person or group to a closed Facebook page where those being discussed are not allowed to defend themselves?

Is a ‘closed’ Facebook page a ‘private’ environment? Is anything truly private on the internet? If so, is it private among 20 thousand members? Can information from inside the group be shared outside the group to influence others?

What does it say about a person who would thank those who post personal attacks about others? Can that person be judged to be impartial?

Is ‘guilt by association’ a rhetorical devise or a logical devise? What about ‘character assassination’?

Should we hope to have representatives in government who are logical and impartial?

And yes there will be a test, the next time you vote!

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Congratulations to the TLE Commission for getting Student Surveys Right!

The TLE Commission was set up under SB 2033. Remember that was the bill from 2010 that gave us Common Core and started the crazy train of multiple “reforms” and the drain sucking sound of education dollars and instruction time. After attending and observing the Teacher and Leader Evaluation Commission meetings for several years now, I feel we had a small win last week. At the Nov 5, 2015 TLE Commission meeting, Student Surveys as a Quantitative measure was voted down. Had this passed, all districts would have been able to choose to evaluate teachers and potentially fire teachers based on a student perception of the teacher, including as young as kindergarten! However, because the vote failed, Student Surveys will NOT be recommended to the State Board of Education as a Quantitative measure for the state Teacher Evaluation system. Congratulations is deserved to the Commission for getting this one right!….

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ROPE - Restore Oklahoma Public Education Becomes ROPE 2.0 - Reclaim Oklahoma Parent Empowerment

Effective immediately, ROPE – Restore Oklahoma Public Education – will become

ROPE2.0 – Reclaiming Oklahoma Parent Empowerment

Though Restore Oklahoma Public Education has worked diligently to tutor Oklahoma parents and taxpayers about how issues such as the Common Core State Standards and threats to Student Privacy effect students using public education since its inception in 2010, its mission field has shifted markedly in the last several years.

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Progressive/Constructivist Math STINKS ON ICE

The idea of Constructivist/Progressive math is that kids must know why they are getting the answer they record on their worksheet in order to be able to learn. The emphasis is on the WHY, not the HOW. The bottom line is this: math requires SPECIFIC knowledge of SPECIFIC concepts. Math is a language and in order to speak the language you have to memorize its terminology. Can you imagine speaking Spanish by – instead of memorizing the vocabulary – explaining what every Spanish word means? No one would ever converse! Every student must know 6×5 is 30. Yes, it’s good to know why, but why isn’t going to solve a problem on an exam, rote memory of the equation 6×5=30 will accomplish that. Math is black and white – 6×5=30 upside down, on the moon or in Zanzabar – that will NEVER change.

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Surveys Containing Personal Behavioral/Emotional Questions Are Given To Oklahoma Students Through 21st Century Skills Programming

The latest email from the Oklahoma State Department of Education heralds the fact that we took yet MORE MONEY from the federal government in the way of 21st Century Community Center Learning grants (CCLC). This is exciting, we are told, because now, there are 59 total grantees in the state, each getting hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece. Thrilling! Or is it? Do we know what the CCLC’s

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