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Key Endorsement for Rand Paul Speaks Volumes to Many in Oklahoma

Former State Representative Charles Key today issued an official endorsement for Senator Rand Paul for President 2016 saying,

Our political system is broken and can only be fixed by someone who understands our political system. I am voting for Rand Paul for President because he is the only candidate who understands and is committed to our Constitutional Republican form of government. He has refused to compromise or pander to special interest groups or the media to get their support. Isn’t that what most Americans want? We don’t need someone who talks tough and pushes emotional hot buttons. We need someone who has proven he is tough by staying consistent and fighting for our God given rights. Rand Paul is the one who has shown he has the commitment and integrity to correct the problems we face. Please join me in making Rand Oklahoma’s choice for President.


Who should be the Oklahoma Republican Party Chair?

Who should be the Oklahoma Republican Party Chair?
This afternoon (Sunday, October 11th, 2015) a replacement will be chosen for Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman. I was a supporter of the former Chairman, Randy Brogdon, and was sorry to see him resign, but he certainly had reason to walk away from the pressure and the attacks. I wish him the best, and thank him both for his service, and for appointing me to the State Budget Committee. I was able to see things from the “inside” due to this appointment. Chairman Brogdon deserves a great deal of gratitude from all Republicans for pulling the official Party out of the red and into the black. He accomplished more than should have been expected for such a short tenure, at great personal sacrifice. The sacrifice of his staff was even more enormous, and they have my personal gratitude – and always will.

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Vaccines and Oklahoma Law

There is great debate on the subject of vaccinations. Among the numerous issues of contention is the subject of legally requiring children to receive particular and specific vaccinations. It should be noted that all rights in the United States are individual rights, so those are what are specifically addressed in “the law”. In a republic, the “Rule of Law” means that if one person has a right, the majority cannot violate that legally. This is very different from a democracy, where the majority can violate whatever “rights” they wish as long as they have 50% + 1 vote for it. Here are a few applicable standards and laws. The laws are specific to the State of Oklahoma.

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First sentence, 2013 Oklahoma Republican Party Platform

Absentee ballot in hand, my thoughts wander all over the

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