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2018 Oklahoma Constitution Conservative Index released

The 2018 Oklahoma Conservative IndexPublished by the Oklahoma ConstitutionOklahoma’s Conservative Newspaper since 1979This issue of the Oklahoma Constitution presents the 40th annual Oklahoma Conservative Index, rating our state legislators. Members of…

OCPAC -  The Crook Behind the Curtain: Transparency

The bigger an operation, and the more resources it demands, the more closely we should supervise it for waste, fraud, and inefficiency. There is no bigger operation in our state than public education. Fortunately, the job is broken down into smaller operating units—school districts—making it easier for taxpayers at the local level to supervise.

Financial reports of revenues and expenditures for each district fund are routinely shared at monthly school board meetings. This legislative session, Sen. Gary Stanislawski (R-Tulsa) and Rep. Chuck Strohm (R-Jenks) proposed that these monthly financial statements be posted online for all to see within seven days after being presented to a local school board. The measure passed the Senate 40-2, but failed in a tie vote in the House 40-40. A Yes vote indicates that your legislator understands the importance of transparency.

Pay attention to the public servant behind the curtain! From the water boy to the head football coach, from the police officer to the governor, watch how they spend your money and manage your affairs. The people have spoken!

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Incumbent Politicians Face Tough Scrutiny

With just weeks to go before the Oklahoma primary elections, several civic and political activists are beginning to score the incumbents’ voting records and other objective criteria related to their political duties.

Legislative Scorecards

  There are several groups actively compiling these indices.

  • The Oklahoma Constitution has been publishing since the late 70s. Their Conservative Index is the most established such index in continuous publication. The scoring is based upon a balance combination of tax, freedom, moral, & cultural factors.They will go to print soon with their 2016 Index.
  • Sooner Tea Party Rino Index. This group has published more recently on several factors including tax & freedom.
  • OCPA Impact Scorecard focuses on how Oklahoma state legislators voted on key bills related to issues of economic freedom, free enterprise, individual opportunity, limited state government and federalism.
  • OK2A Score. Legislators are graded A-F, based on their voting record for bills relating to the second amendment.
  • RIED Report. Legislators were scored based on their voting record for bills dealing with business, industry, job creation and economic growth issues deemed important by the private sector.
  • RIED Report. Legislators were scored based on their voting record for bills dealing with business, industry, job creation and economic growth issues deemed important by the private sector.

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What our Silence Means

Many assumed that the release of the Planned Parenthood exposé videos from the Center for Medical Progress would rouse a long-slumbering church at last to raise a sustained, united cry of virtuous outrage to help turn the tide of public opinion against the great evil of our age, abortion.

Such assumptions, it seems, were overly optimistic.

To be sure, there have been scattered accounts ofawakening among Christian leaders and their congregations repenting of decades of culpable silence. But by and large, serious activity hasn’t come from pastors and their flocks but, once again, only from seasoned sanctity-of-life advocates already passionately engaged in trying to resuscitate the moral sensibilities of a nation in the midst of upstaging the Nazis.

Just as when Kermit Gosnell’s house of horrors went viral there was an initial flutter of shock and outrage, so it is again with the CMP videos. Initial indignation over the gruesome revelations has quickly faded and churches have lapsed back into “business as usual,” as if the much-publicized horrors never happened.

No one was really surprised to see again just how determined the mainstream media is to ignore the plight of the pre-born. But who would have thought the church would join in?

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