Grassroots in Nebraska

GiN:  Dream Small

In 2016, during a period of about a year when it seemed possible — even likely — that Shelli would win her battle with cancer, she and I plotted out an article for the GiN website that would explain to our readers what had been going on in our lives to cause our extended hiatus […]

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GiN/NE Medicaid Expansion:  Birth of an Entitlement Nation

The purpose of this article is to sketch a short history of Medicaid.  Why?

“We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.”     — William Lund

Nebraskans are, even now, being asked to sign a petition to put the question of whether to expand the state’s Medicaid program on the ballot and, if a sufficient number of signatures are secured, we all will be asked to vote the proposition up or down in the November general election.  It is impossible to make an informed decision on this issue without examining the life cycle of the Medicaid program:  its birth and subsequent development, how it looks today, and where the proponents of Medicaid expansion would have us take it in the future.  This article will address Medicaid’s creation and subsequent development.  Two future articles will describe where the program currently stands within the state and how the Nebraska Medicaid program will look if expanded as proposed in the initiative petition.[…]

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GiN:  NE Medicaid Expansion:  The Race is On (AGAIN)

Back on January 17, 2013, I published an article here at the GiN website entitled “NE Medicaid Expansion: The Race is On.”  I followed up with an entire series of articles detailing why Medicaid expansion is an uncommonly bad idea.  Those articles were widely read and, I believe, effective in helping to prevent Medicaid expansion […]

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GiN:  A Tribute to GiN Founder Shelli J. Dawdy

We could begin this eulogy with a recitation of the usual facts and statistics, but we won’t. This is an unusual remembrance for an unusual lady: Shelli J. Dawdy. She admonished us to keep this short because, in her opinion, long obituaries grow boring. We have no doubt she would most like to be remembered […]

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[A personal note from Sandra Crosnoe – OKGrassroots:  There really aren’t words to express the depth of loss I feel with Shelli’s passing this week!  She was one of the original grassroots teaparty founders – that is how we first met.  She and I worked on so many projects then and ongoing to try to lay a principled foundation and grow the movement.  Together and with others we built a network of websites and facebook pages and social networks to be able to share those ideas and build on the early teaparty days.  We tried to do it in a way that would expose corruption by shedding light on matters.  Shelli was a natural educator, a gifted writer, a loving wife and mother and such a terrific researcher.  Some of her work is yet to be discovered and shared broadly — stay tuned.  With lots of love and deep respect,  I salute you Shelli and look forward to the day we meet again!/sc]
Why the Electoral College?  Because State and Regional Diversity Matters. (updated)

Where you live, your day-to-day experiences gained through interacting with your physical environment, influence your political viewpoint. The Founders realized this. When the Electoral College was born through compromise in 1787, each former-colony-turned-state had a unique history and perspective giving rise to significant political differences between it and its neighbors. The Founders had to resolve […]

Rebalancing the State – Federal Equation with State Repeal Amendment

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the 17th Amendment‘s passage in 1913 in conjunction with other changes, tipped the scale of power too heavily in the direction of Federal government. States lost much of their influence on Congress, since prior to that, Legislatures elected representatives to the United States Senate. The people were both represented […]

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