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Oklahoma Libertarian Party moves to Closed Primary


On Saturday September 7th, during a special meeting of the Executive Committee, the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma voted to allow only registered Libertarians to select the party’s candidates. All Libertarians currently registered as Independent should re-register in order to vote in the party primaries.

As of today, there are three gubernatorial candidates competing in the Libertarian primary to be held on June 26, 2018 with a runoff election on August 28, 2018. Indications predict primaries necessary for other races as well. All registered voters will be able to vote for the winning Libertarian candidates during the general election, on November 6, 2018.

Over the past several months, party members have been weighing the merits of both the open primary and closed primary options. Through the sponsorship of panel discussions and education events, the party has used participation in the decision making process as a positive way of engaging the community and energizing membership.

Immediately after the vote, party leaders expressed a renewed commitment to advancing party objectives and continuing to take advantage of the tremendous positive momentum currently being experienced.

“Decisions like this and others are welcome indications of growth for us. Going forward we will concentrate on the recruitment of candidates and making sure Oklahomans know we’re here. These are exciting times. There is another choice when it comes to the political direction of Oklahoma’s future,” said Libertarian Party Chair, Tina Kelly

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The Libertarian Party’s Intellectually Lazy Official Position on Abortion

The Libertarian Party platform establishes the following stance on the issue of abortion:

1.5 Abortion

Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration.

While couched in libertarian language, this plank of the platform leaves much to be desired, particularly if it is to be used as a reference or even a premise by which libertarian policy should be pursued. The issue of abortion is obviously a contentious one, and there are indeed good-faith views on all sides of the issue. However, as the party of principle, it is imperative that the Libertarian Party offer a position on the issue that is grounded in principle, and from which reasonable libertarian policy can be derived. The wording of the platform with regard to this issue does not provide this guidance, instead, it seems to be content with side stepping an issue that the libertarian philosophy is uniquely qualified to address with clarity. The inability to directly address an issue through the platform encourages the false dichotomy of the “pro-choice/pro-life” divide to infect the party. The platform position does not address the issues of life or liberty that are fundamental to the abortion debate, and that the libertarian philosophy is perfectly suited to address. Finally, the libertarian position on abortion overlooks and dismisses an important issue for women.

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OK Voter Registration Changes Statewide

(Oklahoma City) – Oklahoma’s official pre-election voter registration statistics released on Nov. 1 show 2,157,450 Oklahomans are registered to vote in advance of the Nov. 8 General Election, State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax reported on Tuesday.

The statistics represent a net increase of more than 40,000 voters over the 2012 presidential election. The total was also higher than the official count before the 2004 election. Registration numbers did not reach the level set before the 2000 and 2008 presidential elections.

Since Jan. 15, Oklahoma has had a net gain of 178,643 voters. The biggest net beneficiary of the increases was the Republican Party, which added 103,802 voters. Independents added 46,586 voters, while Democrats saw in increase of 24,658 and Libertarians added 3,599. The Libertarian Party became recognized in Oklahoma earlier this year.

Republicans are growing the fastest in terms of raw numbers and share of the electorate, extending their lead as the state’s largest party. Republicans now make up 45.6 percent of all voters. Republicans first became the largest party in the state following the 2014 General Election. Independents, meanwhile, remain the fastest growing portion of the electorate, with registration among Independents rising at a rate of 17.5 percent since January.

Although the number of Democrats in the state grew over the year, the party’s share of the electorate continued to decline, a trend that has been consistent over several decades. Democrats were officially the state’s largest party from statehood until January 2015.

A Battle For Control Of the Libertarian Party

Secular Libertarians vs Christian Libertarians   In the midst of an explosion of interest in the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, there is a struggle beginning to take shape.. Several secular Libertarians are becoming very concerned that an insurgency of the Religious Right may overtake their ranks and corrupt their political party & movement.    Ironically, the more secular Libertarians of Oklahoma lately have bee […]

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