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Sooner Politics:  Pollard Sends OKGOP Delegates A Tardy Report Of 12 Party Rule Change Ideas

OKGOP Chairman, Pam Pollard has failed to attend to a very important matter. Her unique duties include the matter of notifying County Delegations of very serious issues which will be attended to at an upcoming State Convention. It’s beyond mystifying that a woman with so much history in the party and so much experience at the state’s highest party leadership, would ignore so many phone calls and reminders from county officials about the need to send out notices of proposed amendments to our part […]

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The OKGOP Chairmanship Is Changing

  Chairman Pam Pollard recently announced her decision not to seek another term at the helm of the Oklahoma Republican Party. This happens to coincide with the change of governor for Oklahoma.  Reports tell Sooner Politics that the transition team is keenly aware of the importance of a close working relationship between the governor’s office and the state GOP leadership. To that end he and Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell (a former chairman and national GOP office […]

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Breitbart Exclusive - Ann Coulter: GOP ‘at Point of Extinction’ Due to Mass Immigration

New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says the Republican Party is “just at the point of extinction without a shot” due to mass illegal and legal immigration to the country that continues importing more than 1.5 million immigrants a year.


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Rand Paul endorses Nathan Dahm for Congress

Senator Rand Paul Endorses Nathan Dahm in Oklahoma 1st Congressional Race

“I’m backing Nathan Dahm for U.S. Congress because time and again he has proven that he is a man of courage and conviction.”

Broken Arrow, OK — Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, announced his endorsement of Nathan Dahm in the race for Oklahoma’s 1st congressional district. …

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R3publicans:  GOP Hostility Toward Iran Secured After Adelson Gives $30 Million To Top Super PAC

Adelson’s perspectives on U.S. foreign policy, particularly towards Iran, are alarming, given that his influence on U.S. politics is set to grow in the wake of his latest mega-donation to the Republican party.

by Whitney Webb

WASHINGTON – With the 2018 Congressional midterm elections approaching, Republicans – eager to keep their control of both houses of Congress – have been seeking lucrative donations that would give Republican candidates an advantage in the lead-up to November.


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R3publicans/CPAC 2018: the Conservative Base (Not Elite) Has Embraced Trumpism—Time for Trump to Follow Suit

It was only two years ago that then-candidate Trump avoided the annual Conservative Political Action Conference [CPAC] because it looked likely he would be booed by “true conservatives.” At this year’s CPAC, both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were treated as conquering heroes, leading the Main Stream Media to declare the president’s victory conclusive [Trump’s Takeover of Conservatism Is Complete and Totalby Tim Alberta, Politico, February 25, 2018]. But there are still real dangers for National Conservatives aiming to use the GOP as a vehicle to achieve patriotic immigration reform. Chief among them: the possibility that President Trump will continue to show weakness on immigration. With midterms approaching, time is running out, and Trump simply has not yet given his base a compelling reason to follow him.


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