Deep State

Neocon warmonger, backer of Central American death squads, Iraq war engineer and Never Trumper — you gotta be kidding

Shane Trejo

President Donald Trump’s handling of personnel has been a constant Achilles heel for achieving his agenda. He has allowed many globalists into his administration, the latest being disgraced neocon warmonger Elliot Abrams who will handle relations with Venezuela as their socialist regime teeters on the brink of collapse.


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The White Helmets, alleged organ traders & child kidnappers…

The White Helmets, “volunteers” who reportedly “rescue Syrians from rubble.” Never in history has such a group been so feted by the elite, or received so many awards from institutions acting as extensions of US and UK hegemony.

A recent panel at the UN Security Council in New York revealed the shocking evidence of White Helmet involvement in organ trafficking in Syria. The lucrative trade of human body parts, bones, blood and organs is one of the most protected and hidden harvests of war.


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Dr. B a pathologist discovers Truth

Dr. B is a pathologist and ended up being responsible for logging and disposing “buckets” of aborted babies. Even as an atheist she came to realize that this was evil. Dr. B is giving her testimony in front of a church congregation and covers a wide amount of topics and may be hard to hear (or believe) for some. I had tears in my eyes for a good part of her testimony. Watch this video and see what Christians and President Trump are up against, pure evil.

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Are the Investigations the Cover-Up?

By Bryce Buchanan

Those of us who have been paying attention know that serious crimes were committed at the highest levels of government in an attempt to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump. There was collusion between government agencies, including collusion with foreign agents, to illegally influence the 2016 Presidential election. There is enough evidence on the table to be confident of these claims.

read more at The American Thinker – Are the Investigations the Cover-up

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R3publicans:  Latest News The Main Stream Media Won’t Tell You

Obama and Clinton have gotten away with:
  • Uranium One
  • Benghazi
  • Solyndra
  • Fast & Furious
  • IRS targeting
  • Cash to Iran
  • Rigging a primary against Bernie
  • Rigging the general elections
  • Illegally storing emails and sending the classified information to China
  • Paying for a fake dossier
  • Lying under oath
  • Spying on Trump

Do you see the above mentioned in the MSM?

And Trump is the one under investigation?

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R3publicans:  Latest Q Deciphers by Lori Colley

Here are the latest drops. Lori Colley does a good job of explaining what they mean. This video is nearly an hour long, but Lori runs through the information and does not slow down for a minute. This is information you will not see on fake news ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC. Lori always ends her posts with a prayer.

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