General Election 2018

Oklahoma State Election Board Reports Election Turnout Results

“We are extremely pleased with voter turnout in yesterday’s election. With nearly 1.2 million votes cast and turnout over 56 percent, this election ranks head and shoulders above any gubernatorial year turnout since at least 1986, and by a wide margin. Good voter participation is a sign of a healthy democracy, and Oklahomans should be proud of their engagement in the election process this year. We have set modern records for the number of candidates to file for office, turnout in a gubernatorial year primary election and turnout in a gubernatorial year general election. This is a banner year for elections in Oklahoma.”

[Editor’s note:  Notwithstanding the fact that the secretary of the state election board indicates that we are a ‘healthy democracy’ rather than a constitutional republic, this IS a significant increase in voter turnout!/sc]

OKGrassroots – Oklahoma State Election Board Reports Election Turnout Results

A Little Known Story about Kevin Stitt Surfaces

I just spoke with Marlene Klepper, who made the video below recently.  I  linked up with her on facebook in order to confirm this report of Kevin Stitt’s prayerful generosity which she so sweetly documented.   The video was sent to me by my friend, Richard Ely. It is a personal testimony of an act not promoted by Kevin Stitt’s campaign, although they could have.  It was told because it is important and gives insight to his character.  It was important to Marlene to get it out and seems important to me to share.   I  have already voted for him (voted during early voting) so it merely confirmed my vote but some of you may still be seeking info — so here is the video.

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MuskogeePolitico:  Leading senior advocacy group supports SQ793


Leading Senior Advocacy Group Endorses Ballot Initiative That Would Allow Retailers To Provide Vision Care Services In Oklahoma At Affordable Costs

OKLAHOMA (October 9, 2018) – The Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature  (OSHL) voted to endorse State Question 793 to offer affordable and more accessible eye care to Oklahomans.

“The Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature is pleased to endorse State Question 793,” former president of the OSHL John Kusel said. “Vision loss is a fact of life for many of us as we get older. State Question 793 would allow Oklahomans to receive eye care in more convenient locations that offer the same care for a much more affordable price. This is especially beneficial to one of the state’s most vulnerable populations – the elderly.”

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