Conservative Democrats Move To the Right Of Republicans

  Former candidate for governor, Joe Dorman, and State Rep. Eric Proctor, were guests on the Pat Campbell radio show, Friday morning.  What shocks many Oklahoma voters is the message of fiscal conservatism coming from these Democrats.  Proctor & Dorman, at a 2014 campaign event. ​  “We have the money we need. We have a leadership problem. We have a lot of funds just getting syphoned away in tax credits t […]

Middleground: Substantive Radio Enlightenment

NPR For The Rational Conservative

It’s Tuesday morning, in February. Trent England of OCPA is on a small radio station in the rural outskirts of the OKC metro area. He’s talking about the hypocrisy of government-run gambling ventures. The irony he explains is that the gambling venture was sold to our past Democrat-controlled legislature as a funding source for better education. But Trent’s own children tell jokes about the foolishness of gambling as a solution for personal poverty.

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Memorial For Journalist, Reid Mullins

  Thursday was a huge day in Oklahoma politics. But at the time, we didn’t all know just how big it was. A major campaign swing from a conservative presidential candidate captured most of the headlines as he conducted 3 huge events.

Reid Mullins was a son of the Sooner state. A big fan of his local Putnam City traditions and a scholar of communications at Oklahoma University
  But far away from the crowds, on a quiet hospital bed, Oklahoma Journalist, Reid Mullins, left us. Reid was a big part of the media coverage of Oklahoma government and national political news. His commitment to the vocation of media distribution was unwavering to his final days.

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