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Rand Paul endorses Nathan Dahm for Congress

Senator Rand Paul Endorses Nathan Dahm in Oklahoma 1st Congressional Race

“I’m backing Nathan Dahm for U.S. Congress because time and again he has proven that he is a man of courage and conviction.”

Broken Arrow, OK — Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, announced his endorsement of Nathan Dahm in the race for Oklahoma’s 1st congressional district. …

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OK2A 2018 Political Endorsements and Grades

2018 Survey Grades and endorsements by OK2A for the June 26th primary.

This is NOT a final list and may have more candidates and incumbents added.

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OK2A:  Facts About SB1212

Currently, there are 13 constitutional carry states that Oklahoma recognizes for reciprocity — that’s 25% of the states in the United States. Where is all the crime in these states? When a resident of one of those states comes to Oklahoma, under current Oklahoma law, a person can legally carry in Oklahoma without permission from the Oklahoma government. SB1212 simply extends that same right to Oklahoma residents without enforcing a tax to exercise a Constitutional right.

SB1212 is not a controversial gun bill — it’s a constitutional gun bill. When legislators cast a YES vote on SB1212, they are reaffirming their oath of office and restoring a Constitutional right to their constituents and to the citizens of Oklahoma.

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OK2A: Stay Focused

SB1212 (constitutional carry) will be heard in the Senate next week! Call & email every senator and politely ask them to vote YES on SB1212. Please keep your message(s) polite, very short, and to the point. Call & email today, Monday, and Tuesday also! We will notify you what day the bill will be heard so you can show up in support of SB1212 at the Capitol with us. If you are not an OK2A member, please join today — we need your support! This is a team effort, and we need you on the team.

The Oklahoma Rifle Association is once again trying to kill your Second Amendment rights in Oklahoma. Please contact them and ask why they continue to have the same views as the ANTI-GUN Moms Demand Action. In 2012, they (OK Rifle Association) tried to kill the open carry bill in the same way they are trying to kill constitutional carry. This letter (below) was emailed to every state senator today. Please send the Oklahoma Rifle Association an email and/or give them a call to express your dissatisfaction with their actions. Their office phone number is 405-374-9262.

OK2A:  A Special Thank You!

We would like to extend a very special thank you to everyone who made phone calls, sent emails, met and spoke with representatives, and those who were present at the Capitol to support SB1212 (constitutional carry) which passed 59 to 28! This bill now must pass through the Senate before it can go to the governor’s desk. We also need to thank the 59 representatives who voted YES to support the passing of our constitutional carry bill (SB1212). Doing the right thing may not be popular, but our legislators need to feel appreciated — especially when we appreciate them! Please send them an email to thank them for voting to protect and restore your Second Amendment rights! Many of these representatives will receive a lot of complaints from the anti-gun groups for their YES vote to uphold their oath of office and the Constitution.

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OK2A:  Constitutional Carry Has Passed the House Vote

Well, we finally have some good news for you guys, and are happy to announce that we are halfway to getting one of our liberties restored that never should have been taken away to begin with. In the short video below, Don Spencer delivers the good news about today’s voting results in the House. SB1212 (the Constitutional Carry bill proposed by the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association) passed with an overwhelming majority on the House floor today. Next, it will be put to a vote in the Senate, and once that vote passes, the bill will be signed into law by Governor Fallin.

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OK2A:  Action Alert - Time to Support Constitutional Carry - Make Calls Today!

It’s time to call your legislators and politely ask them to support and coauthor SB1212. There is a ton of opposition to this bill. Countless companies and organizations have used their public influence to attempt to persuade people to contact Oklahoma representatives and law makers to say NO to SB1212. The Daily Oklahoman and the OKC Chamber of Commerce have grossly misrepresented what is contained in the bill in order to mislead the masses and to get them to side with the anti-gunners. We’ve been told the anti-gunners are blowing up the phones at the Capitol, and we need to at least do the same. Call every representative regardless if they are Republican or Democrat—some Democrats have voted YES on OK2A bills!

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We have been trying to keep you informed about these anti-gun groups, but some people still refuse to believe it in spite of the proof. So, once again, here’s more proof. You wouldn’t expect the Chamber of Commerce to advocate against our rights, but, then again, we have seen worse. If anything, it’s simply more proof that we must be on our guard always and never be afraid to stand up for liberty, because the people who are trying to take away our liberties aren’t pulling any punches, and they are well funded.

By John Vibes – April 6, 2018

In the growing debate surrounding the natural right to self-defense, one of the most popular proposed methods of gun control has been restrictions on gun-ownership for those who are deemed to be mentally ill. This is a measure that is often suggested by liberals and conservatives alike, but it is important to stop and consider what something like this might entail.

read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/discriminating-against-the-mentally-ill-with-gun-control-laws-is-a-bad-idea/

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