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Marine Corps Wants Smart Trucks That Can Pretty Much Repair Themselves

U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Alan Aleman, with the 12th Marine Regiment, uses the top of a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) as a vantage point on the big island of Hawaii, March 21, 2017. (U.S. Marine Corps/Cpl. Alex Kouns)

Posted By: Hope Hodge Seck July 6, 2017

In the not-too-distant future, Marine Corps 7-ton trucks may be able to diagnose worn-out parts before they go bad, put in an order for a relevant replacement and get the part 3D printed and shipped to their location to be installed — all without a human in the loop.


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Oldest Homo sapiens fossils discovered in Morocco

By Ben Guarino June 7 at 1:00 PM
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300,000-year-old Homo sapiens skull reconstruction

Photo: A composite reconstruction shows the earliest known Homo sapiens fossils found just west of Morocco at the archeological cave site called Jebel Irhoud. (Philipp Gunz, MPI EVA Leipzig)

Bones found in a cave in Morocco add 100,000 years to the history of modern human fossils. These bones are from “early anatomically modern” humans — our own species, Homo sapiens, with a mixture of modern and primitive traits, an international team of anthropologists, paleontologists and evolutionary scientists report in a pair of papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature.


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Pigs at the Trough

By Bionic Mosquito

June 3, 2017

I was thinking about writing a post containing the list of CEOs of major US corporations who have come out against Trump’s decision regarding the Paris Climate Accord. I am overwhelmed. I would make my life easier by writing a list of those who haven’t.

I cannot let it go unsaid regarding one of these: Elon Musk. It is really hilarious to consider that he has no company without the government’s involvement in the climate.

None of these CEOs is a climate expert; all of them publicly complain about regulation. You would think that this combination of characteristics would lead to either at best cheering the elimination of the horrendous regulatory burdens imposed by yet another international scheme or at worst shutting up on a topic that they really don’t know much about.

But, of course, we know better.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Ivory

… a story about potential help for cats experiencing kidney failure
by Sandra Crosnoe

Ivory is 15 years old (2017) and recently she was getting pretty lethargic, loosing weight and not grooming herself properly, so I took her to Arrowhead Veterinary Clinic in Dewey on January 25th. They did a blood analysis on her and found she was in early stage renal (kidney) failure. This is the story of how we discovered stem cell therapy and what that process has been like for Ivory.

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Death on the Prescription Plan
The ‘White Plague’ of the 21st Century


Over the past two decades hundreds of thousands of Americans have died prematurely because of irresponsibly prescribed narcotic ‘pain killers’ and other central nervous system depressants, like tranquillizers and their deadly interactions. The undeniable fact is that they have been mostly from the white working and lower middle class from rural and deindustrialized regions. The governing elite and oligarch macro-decision makers have quietly dismissed this sector of the country as ‘surplus’. The victims or their surviving family members have no chance of redress for the widespread malpractice and greed that led to their addiction or death. The government as a whole and the oligarch-controlled mass media have deliberately failed to document and investigate the deep causes for the epidemic, except to spout the usual superficial ‘clichéd explanations’.


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OKGrassroots Feature Post – Vaxxed (OKC)

Today, the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2017 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (T-HUD) appropriations bill from Representative Derek Kilmer (D-WA) to increase the funding for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA/AST) by $1 million. Building on efforts led by Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), this amendment brings appropriations for this office in line with the President’s Budget Request and fully funds FAA/AST.

“We want to make sure America remains a global space leader,” said Congressman Kilmer. “Today we have an opportunity to make sure regulatory bottlenecks don’t stifle the growth of the U.S. space industry. Fully investing in these resources will allow entrepreneurs and companies to innovate and grow their businesses and in the process strengthen our tech economy and the quality jobs it creates.”

Congressman Bridenstine added, “FAA/AST oversees the commercial space industry, an industry critically important to modern life in America.  The agency must be properly resourced to allow the private sector to innovate and grow the space economy which affects every aspect of our lives.”

Congressman Bridenstine added: “Fostering an environment where commercial space activity can flourish is a high priority.  Fully funding the Office of Commercial Space Transportation is integral to this. Representative Kilmer’s leadership has been invaluable, and it has been an honor to work alongside him as a fellow supporter of the commercial space industry.”

The Kilmer amendment to the T-HUD bill transferred $1 million to FAA/AST from the FAA’s Office of Finance and Management to bring FAA/AST funding to $19.8 million. In March, Representative Bridenstine led a letter with 17 other members to the T-HUD subcommittee requesting this amount, and the original version of the T-HUD bill granted part of this request.

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The film they didn’t want you to see”


OKGrassroots Feature Post – Vaxxed