R3publicans:  Keeping Cops’ Hands Out of Your Pockets

Finally, a case that might put a real crimp into civil asset forfeiture abuse.

By BRIAN SAADYJuly 16, 2018

The U.S. Supreme Court recently agreed to rule on a case that have a major impact on civil liberties and whether civil asset forfeiture can continue to serve as low hanging fruit for bureaucratic interests run amok.

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R3publicans:  Down With False Democracy, Up With True Self-Government

The Right and Left claim to be “democratic” while forgetting the liberal and republican principles that have made America great.

By Alexander William SalterJune 26, 2018

It’s become commonplace to bemoan the lack of civility in American public discourse. Whether or not political coarseness is at an all-time high is debatable—much of the campaign material from, say, the Election of 1800 is certainly no-holds-barred—but the perception matters more than the substance. Certainly, for those in the political fray, compromise is far less feasible than it used to be.

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Sooner Politics:  Bribery Investigation At Pharmacy Board & Health Dept.

  D.A. David Prater is working with the OSBI to investigate potential high profile bribery charges at the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy.   Ezell was evidently offered a higher paying job at the Board of Pharmacy in exchange for inserting language in her team’s proposed rules which would mandate licensed pharmacists at all cannabis dispensaries.   At the Tuesday board meeting a board member (Dr Terry Gerard) presented that amendment languag […]

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Sooner Politics:  Time Running Out on Recreational Marijuana Petition

   A cursory  counting of calendar days and constitutional mandates are just days away from a collision course for the backers of SQ797.  The chart below demonstrates that July 23rd is the final date to reasonably place a state question on the November general election ballot.  The energy and excitement is high for the proponents of SQ797, known as the Recreational Marijuana  petition.  In the past 10 days the signatures have spiked why the State Board of…

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Sooner Politics:  Legislative Interim Study On 'Cannabis Medicines'  Is Commissioned

  Legislative leaders announce that the forming a bipartisan group to come up with a permanent regulatory framework for the implementation of the state question.“The Oklahoma Senate will not undo the will of voters, who spoke loudly by passing State Question 788,” ; said Senate Majority Floor Leader Greg Treat, R-OKC. “While the Health Department and its commissioner did yeoman’s work in drafting emergency rules, the Board of He […]

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Churchill Collusion

It’s true. The great man was Stalin’s drinking buddy.
Churchill Collusion
But back then Russia and Britain were on the same side against the Nazis. Technically, it wasn’t Russia either. It was the communist Soviet Union. And Stalin was its totalitarian dictator who murdered millions more than the mere authoritarian Putin.

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R3publicans/WSJ:  Deficit Projected to Top $1 Trillion Starting Next Year

The Trump administration expects the annual budget deficits to rise nearly $100 billion more than previously forecast in each of the next three years, pushing the federal deficit above $1 trillion starting next year.

Source: Deficit Projected to Top $1 Trillion Starting Next Year – WSJ

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[Editor’s note:  And I thought it was more like $19-21 Trillion…  Just one more reason to Audit/End the Fed/sc]

Sooner Politics:  Gov. Fallin Blames SQ788 Authors For Her Ill-Advised Rulings

  Gov.  Fallin was quick to blame everyone except herself, for the abusive actions that she and the Oklahoma Board of Health imposed on Oklahoma citizens. She signed into force two measures which thousands of Oklahomans immediately called for her to reject. Her words included; ​ “It is unfortunate there was not more consideration given by proponents of SQ 788 as to how challenging it is to place such a quick turnaround on a very complicated subject. […]

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Trump Apostrophe

What could have caused Trump to side with Putin against his own Intel director? President Trump claimed the U.S./Russian relationship changed for the better during a two hour closed door meeting without notes. And he denied Russia meddled in the 2016 election. That set off a national freak out making “Our Democracy” look unhinged. Score

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