FGST:  Dan Fisher wants to End Abortion in Oklahoma — Speaking in Bartlesville on March 11th

It’s confirmed Dan Fisher will be coming to Bartlesville on March 11th. He will be preaching at Calvary Chapel Bartlesville at 10:30AM with a day full of events to follow. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear Dan speak and rally to the cause. This is no time to grow faint. We have 20 weeks until the election, there is still time for the bride of Christ to stop abortion and participate in this move of God. Please share with all your friends and family, engage your neighbors, gather all the volunteers you can and meet at Calvary Chapel Sunday morning March 11th at 10:30am.

Calvary Chapel  on March 11th at 10:30 AM
1607 Swan Drive Bartlesville OK 74006

Finding Gems & Sharing Them – Dan Fisher wants to End Abortion in Oklahoma — Speaking in Bartlesville on March 11th

R3publicans:  CIA rendition flights from rustic North Carolina called to account by citizens

A Gulfstream jet from a quiet airport south-east of Raleigh flew captives to be tortured around the world. The government failed to act but local people have refused to let the issue die

read more at https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/jan/17/cia-rendition-flights-north-carolina-citizens-commission

[Editor’s note:  It takes a lot of people turning a blind eye to this nonsense to permit it to continue.  Absolutely nauseating and disgusting beyond words!/sc] 

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R3publicans:  Fed’s misconduct in Cliven Bundy case stems from Ruby Ridge

Federal judge Gloria Navarro slammed the FBI and Justice Department on Monday, Jan. 8, for “outrageous” abuses and “flagrant misconduct” in the prosecution of Cliven Bundy and sons, the Nevada ranchers who spurred a high-profile standoff with the FBI and Bureau of Land Management in 2014. Navarro condemned the “grossly shocking” withholding of evidence from defense counsel in a case that could have landed the Bundys in prison for the rest of their lives. Navarro, who had declared a mistrial last month, dismissed all charges against the Bundys.

read morre at http://thehill.com/opinion/civil-rights/368983-feds-misconduct-in-cliven-bundy-case-stems-from-ruby-ridge

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R3publicans:  Hillary’s Illegal Email Network and More

JEROME R. CORSI, (Ph.D.) decoded a post from “Q”.

Q if you didn’t know is on the inside of the Trump administration.  Q has demonstrated this many times with other posts.  JEROME R. CORSI takes the information from Q and “names names”, describes how Hillary’s illegal email network worked, how it was uncovered, and who she communicated with in the process.  

This link is to Jerome R. Corsi’s Scribd post for his analysis.

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Sooner Politics Editorial: The Fallin Tax Crusade Begins 4th Assault

  State Treasurer, Ken Miller, seems to know things that Gov. Fallin doesn’t. Perhaps her cognitive dissonance is willful and anchored in ulterior motives?   Whatever the motivation, Gov. Mary Fallin is trying for a 4th time in less than a year, to raise over a billion dollars in permanent recurring taxes on the Oklahoma people.  Fallin has failed to grow the economy in most of her 8 years in office. Few companies have migrated here and the larges […]

Read the full article at Oklahoma’s Political News service, www.SoonerPolitics.org .