Quarter-Ton Wheelchairs Not Allowed In Capitol Gallery

John High has announced his intent to sue the state in order to use heavy machines in all parts of the capitol. OKLAHOMA CITY – John High visits the capitol often.He advocates for the rights of those with disabilities. But. now, he’s fighting for his own.“I am being discriminated against, since I’m in a wheelchair, an electric wheelchair, I’m being discriminated to be able to go there,” High said.KFOR reports:He was go […]

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OKG:  Loveless Resigns Effective Immediately

It is with deep regret, we announce the resignation of Kyle Loveless effective immediately. The news broke today on multiple outlets. We sincerely hope that someone else will pick up the torch and continue the battle on civil asset forfeiture in Oklahoma. As we all know experientially, people make mistakes and we need to hold people accountable in ways that bring restoration to them and their families and our society. Our prayers are extended in the hope that this will occur in this situation as well as all the others facing us as a state this year.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, has resigned his seat, effective immediately.
Loveless sent his letter of resignation to Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz, R-Altus, Thursday morning.

Schulz said in a press release:

Today, I received and accepted the resignation of Senator Kyle Loveless, effective immediately. I wish Senator Loveless and his family best wishes moving forward.

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Will Oklahoma Delegation Vote For Repeal Of ObamaCare

   With the ‘shoe on the other foot’, the House Freedom Caucus members are urging their moderate counterparts in the ‘Tuesday Morning Caucus’ to get on board and keep the promise of the Republican Party, to finally repeal the onerous ObamaCare legislation.  Last month we heard from loud moderates in Oklahoma who trashed the Freedom Caucus for not supporting a less comprehensive reform of ObamaCare. We wonder if […]

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OKR3s: SB6 Constitutional Carry Bill – Will OK recognize 2A Right?

The constitution affords us the right to bear arms…we need your voice today!!! Call your OK Representative. If you don’t know who they are, you can look them up here: http://www.oklegislature.gov/FindMyLegislature.aspx

Never did our founding fathers envision us having to ask permission (require a permit), from our government to protect our property, our lives or the lives of our loved ones… and yet we must gain permission to carry a firearm without fear of penalty.

OKR3s: SB6 Constitutional Carry Bill – Will OK recognize 2A Right?

Academic Freedom: The Oklahoma Science Education Act

If our children are not taught how to participate in a robust exchange of ideas through debate and discussion, how on earth will we prepare them for adulthood. We do a grave injustice to our children if we allow them to be taught only to pass a test and not how to think through problems and to call into question the politically correct, ‘settled science’.

The Bundy verdict, the government, and American justice


American Thinker
April 25, 2017

The Bundy verdict, the government, and American justice

By Leesa K. Donner

Perhaps it is not too much to say there is no other event in America today more polarizing than the standoff at Bunkerville. Liberty-minded folks who wish to dial back the reach and power of the federal government see Bunkerville as a touchstone. Others, however, see the case of the United States v. Cliven Bundy et al. as a bunch of vigilantes and a law-breaking cowboy out make their own rules and ignore those the rest must follow.

read further at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/04/the_bundy_verdict_the_government_and_american_justice_.html

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OK2A: Get your rights back in OK like the surrounding states!

SB6 is unlicensed carry of a firearm in Oklahoma. The bill is to be heard in the House of Reps on Wed, April 26. Call your Rep to support the bill at 405-521-2711, NOW. Leave a message.

[Editor’s Note: It will be interesting to see how many candidate wannabees are out campaigning for the people’s rights – just saying and watching…/sc]  

Support your rights and become a member at OK2A.org

Please SHARE this to help restore your Constitutional rights.

OKGrassroots for OK2A: Get your rights back!

OCPAC endorses Tressa Nunley in HD75 special election

Oklahoma’s Premier Conservative Group Endorses Tressa Nunley 
in House District 75 Special Election

Oklahoma Conservative PAC members interviewed candidates for the Oklahoma State House District 75 – Special Election for Broken Arrow and Tulsa voters. The contested Republican primary is coming up quickly on Tuesday, May 9th.

John Michener, the President of OCPAC, released the following statement:

“After a survey and interview process, OCPAC members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Tressa Nunley for Oklahoma House District 75.  We were impressed with the way she articulated fiscal conservatism and the need to champion liberty.  Citizens in Broken Arrow and Tulsa should feel good about voting for Tressa to defend their interests at the Capitol.”