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R3publicans:  Washington Is Destroying American Power

Paul Craig Roberts

Readers at home and around the world want to know what to make of the announcement that China henceforth will conduct oil purchases and sales in gold-backed Chinese currency.

Is this an attack by Russia and China on the US dollar? Will the dollar weaken and collapse from being discarded as the currency in which oil is transacted? These and other questions are on readers’ minds.


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A History Lesson from Nick Freitas on Taxation and the Economy

Shared on facebook February 19, 2017 over 10.5k views at time of posting (about 5 mins in length)

Statist politicians are too easily convinced of their own brilliance when it comes to “managing the economy”. They don’t seem to realize that the economy is us. The economy is made up of people, and those who would try to manage the economy through government force will always do so by trying to control people. #MakeMarketsFreeAgain

Nick Freitas is a husband, father, veteran, and Delegate for the 30th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. Website:
Senator Rand Paul Reintroduces 'Audit the Fed'

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday, U.S. Senator Rand Paul reintroduced his Federal Reserve Transparency Act, widely known as the “Audit the Fed” bill, to prevent the Federal Reserve from concealing vital information on its operations from Congress. Eight cosponsors joined Senator Paul on the legislation.

Representative Thomas Massie (KY-4) has introduced companion legislation, H.R. 24, in the U.S. House.

Merry Christmas from the US Government

On Friday the Republican controlled US House and Senate passed the $1.14 Omnibus Spending Bill that funds government through September 2016. Our benefactors were very generous with OUR provisions. Included in the bill is full funding for Planned Parenthood, resettlement of illegal middle eastern refugees, sanctuary cities, the Green Climate Fund created at the Paris climate conference, additional regulation of water, ozone and power plants. That are just the highlights. There are many other objectionable boondoggles in this bill. This is from our Republican controlled legislative branch. This bill is now headed to Mr. Obama which he will eagerly sign into law.

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EX-IM Bank Reauthorization: Crony Capitalism or National Security?

Several years ago Ron Paul warned us of this matter (link via my good friend J Bradley Jansen and you can see his remarks here: Center for Financial Privacy and Human Rights » Rep. Ron Paul’s Statement on H.R. 1370 Reauthorizing the Export Import Bank (1997). In this report, Ron Paul says, “H.R. 1370, reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, should be rejected for several reasons. The claim to constitutionality is dubious. The Bank rewards special interest groups with political favors. Reallocating money from the job-producing, productive sectors of the economy to the less efficient sectors distorts credit allocation. Reauthorization of the Bank is both bad economics and bad politics.”

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Liberty on Tap - August Gathering

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Liberty on Tap is pleased to welcome Richard Engle for a discussion on two very relevant and complex questions:

~ Can the American Empire Survive?
~ Does the state have a role in marriage?

Learn some interesting history on these two topics, add your input, ask questions, enjoy great burgers, local brew, and a friendly group of people. Richard Engle is the author of the novel THE LAST AMERICAN PRESIDENT, a story of political intrigue, romance, and betrayal set against the backdrop of the dissolution of the USA.


Gold-Coins-PicturesYesterday, the Oklahoma State Senate passed a bill that would legalize gold and silver as legal tender, moving the legislation on to the House for consideration. The vote was 37-4

OKLAHOMA CITY – Senate Bill 862 (SB862), was introduced by Sen. Clark Jolley and Rep. Gary Banz, with cosponsorship from Sen. Natham Dahm. It reads, in part:

Gold and silver coins issued by the United States government are legal tender in the State of Oklahoma. No person may compel another person to tender or accept gold or silver coins that are issued by the United States government, except as agreed upon by contract.

If passed into law, Oklahoma would become the second state to recognize gold and silver as legal tender authorized for payments of debts and taxes. Last month, the Arizona senate also passed a similar bill by a vote of 18-12.

Mises Shakes the World?

We are returning to the “Spreading Hayek, Spurning Keynes” Wall Street Journal article to answer the question that Ryan McMaken asks in his fine article at (and then answers judiciously as well). We are returning as well because this is an incredibly important issue from our point of view as the only periodical that analyzes power-elite dominant social themes from a free market perspective. We do have a slightly different take on the answer…

Here is the link to the original WSJ post by Kelly Evans from 2010
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