The Odds Continue to Tip Toward a Fall Crisis

I'm one of many sensing conditions are ripe for another OKC Bombing/9-11 false flag event. Adventurer and insider Jack Wheeler warns its coming, "Will Obama Go to Oklahoma? Will Americans junk the Bill of Rights the next time they see pictures of dead babies?

None Dare Call It Totalitarianism

Media Floats the Talking Point That Gun Owners are Terrorists. More efforts to target and marginalize patriots?

National Guard Takes Over School in Swine Flu "Vaccine Riot" Drill

Congressman: Obama Could Use Pandemic to Declare Martial Law

Massachusetts deputizes dentists, paramedics and pharmacists to administer swine flu vaccine. Between setting us up for a false flag event by some God-fearing, pro-life, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights patriot group and the swine flu pandemic scare, we have every reason to believe they'll try to spring martial law on us this fall.

German health expert fears swine flu vaccine could increase the risk of cancer.

Hegelian Dialectic, Pandemic and Creative Destruction -- it all looks planned.

This sobering video shows Henry Kissinger, Gordon Brown, and George H.W. Bush all assuring us that they are preparing a New World Order for us. FEMA was created by one of a number of Executive Orders, not Congress. About ten of the EOs, most at least 30 years old, give the President authority to declare a national emergency and become absolute, unquestioned dictator of America. The FEMA camps will be used.

I probably won't spend much time on ObamaCare because so many others are doing it. But you've got to read about "Dirty Secret No. 1 of ObamaCare." Apparently Obama's minions want to make sure the government village raises our children.

"Current events form future events," says premier trends forecaster, Gerald Celente. This short interview predicts by 2012: tax protests (already happening), ghost malls, "boss-napping, tent cities and much more. He points out that we have the political world, the media world, and then the real world we all live in. The first two are selling illusions of recovery and unfounded optimism. People living in the real world know different. He just recently said the Second American Revolution has begun. The only thing that can delay it or possibly derail it is another war, or real or false flag terror event.

On Obama, some liberals get it. "Nader Was Right: Liberals are Going Nowhere with Obama." "The US empire has not altered under Barack Obama. . . . [they]
were once again suckered by the Democratic Party. They were had. It is not a new story. The Democrats have been doing this to us since Bill Clinton." Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama -- a seamless thread of puppetry under control of their global elite masters. Moreover, Obama is engaging in Cheney-like secrecy about who visits the White House.

"Brown Shirts" vs. the "Purple Shirts." The people vs. the thugs.

Fed Faces Its Zimbabwe Moment

And if we didn't have enough to be concerned about:
Disappearing Honey Bees May be a Much Bigger Threat Than Climate Change