The rollout of our new book and DVD – "Your Body is Your ID"

It has been a long time coming; the Constitutional Alliance's book and DVD are now available.  Our hope is to reach as many citizens as possible.  We went to great lengths to get input from people that knew little or nothing about our work or the issue we focus on.  We wanted to make sure we provided enough information to make our points but not so much information that the reader feels burdened by our going into too much detail about any one specific subject.  We provide solutions and recommendations for insuring our rights, liberty and freedom are protected.  We do not and will not get involved in partisan politics, name calling or the assigning of blame.  It is our belief that if we are as a country to meet the many challenges we are confronted with today, we each as citizens must fulfill our foremost responsibility as citizens,  We must pass on to the children of today and tomorrow, the rights, liberty and freedom we inherited at such great sacrifice of previous generations.  Whether a person feels they have nothing to "hide", has no children or simply cannot make a "difference' is not the issue; the fact is we each have a responsibility to our forefathers and others, including people today that have sacrificed for each of us.