You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Swine Flu
Here’s more on the strange story of Joseph Moshe who apparently was warning about flu vaccine to be used as a bioweapon to spread the pandemic. Well worth reading.
Then listen to the interview with the Project Camelot folks (at the same link). There is a perfect storm of plagues forming. Vaccines will play an integral part in speeding up the evolution of viruses into super deadly viruses. Plague will be perfect cover and damper for quelling civil unrest. Chemtrail

Folks, the PTB are serious about mass population reduction. They don’t want YOU around. How does that set with you?

H1N1 Breaks out in Southern US schools

Infectious Disease Risk in Swine Flu Jabs

Selected articles and analysis from Global Research.

components are helping to suppress immune systems to make us more susceptible to the virus.Police State Update
Government Permission Will be Required to Travel — your papers, please! Just heard a first-hand report on Alex Jones show that TSA is now taking DNA samples at the airport.

The USSR was Better Prepared than Societal Breakdown than the US -Maybe soft living breeds soft people. Certainly if we’re always used to all our utilities, gadgets and stocked grocery stores, and making no preparations for lack of same, we’re in trouble. Are you prepared?

Is Obama’s life in danger? As I alluded a few days ago, the looming failure of the Obama administration might make him expendable to the very people who raised him from obscurity to the White House. The media, DHS and Southern Poverty Law Center have been working overtime to paint ahead of time all O’s opponents as racists, setting us up for the fall. Plan B for the globalists may be massive race riots leading to martial law. Read this astute essay. Also, watch how MSNBC intentionally edits video to deceive on guns and race formerly/

Alinsky, Beck, Satan and Me formerly/ — This is a chilling look at the ideological commitments of Obama, the Clintons, Rahm Emanuel and the rest of their fellow travelers. It is hardcore, take no prisoners, ends-justify-the-means Stalinism formerly/

We have a real revolution happening in America, a revolution whose goal is to replace the remnants of our Republic and market economy with a totalitarian dictatorship. It appears that the Republicans are too sold out to the system to oppose it. That means it’s up to the grassroots.

Beware Obama’s Fabian Window – As I predicted last November, Obama is Bush on steroids. He is ramming through his program to centralize power, complete the police state, and destroy the American economy at such a breath-taking rate that Bush-Cheney must be green with envy, not to mention Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Too bad most Americans are still trapped in the Left-Right Paradigm (and don’t care to figure out how this keeps them enslaved and impotent to change things).

Web Bot Update
If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve seen my write about the “WebBot” project from HalfPastHuman. Their predictions have had a good track record. You might want to listen to this interview with Cliff, the inventor. Caution: Don’t do this before going to bed. You might not sleep well.

More Government Lies
Remember the first Gulf War under Poppy Bush where we kicked Saddam’s butt and lost just a few hundred US soldiers. Seems now that over 73,000 Gulf War vets are now dead, and and over 1.6 million disability claims filed. I guess all the depleted uranium we spread all over Iraq and all the vaccines the soldiers were costly to the US. What will be the true toll on our current military, and any of you government trolls reading this. Do you think you and your family are not expendable also?

I hope you and your friends are making preparations for hard times and civil unrest. And you have to decide you if you will take the vaccine, a vaccine that is likely a bioweapon. Do the research. I’ve given you plenty of link to start with over the last ten days.

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

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