Are You Concerned Yet?

As a sometime visitor to my Facebook account, I see that most of my friends are occupied with normal life, with no hint of the monster crisis bearing down on them. Like the coastal inhabitants shortly before the tsunami arrives, they are blissfully unaware that shortly their lives will change forever. Those who have seen my posting notices, but ignored them because they don’t look pleasant, will be most affected. Some preparations will be better than none at all.

While the financial crisis will itself bring great hardship with another hit to savings, increased unemployment, the death of the dollar and resulting social unrest, the swine flu pandemic and the probability of mandatory vaccinations and martial law is going to be the Big Threat.

What I have learned about the swine flu pandemic is alarming. Here are a few things I think are true and/or real possibilities. A little research will justify all my concerns. You had better think about them:

  1. The H1N1 “swine flu” virus could not appear in nature. It was intentionally made in a laboratory.
  2. So far the threat has been hyped up. Few people have died from the swine flu, certainly not enough to justify the world-wide gearing up to force vaccinations on up to 4.9 billion people!
  3. The second wave of swine flu is coming this fall/winter. The second wave is always more virulent.
  4. The US military, along with armed forces and police forces around the globe, are gearing up to force the vaccinations on their populations. Under WHO guidelines, resisters could be put in FEMA concentration camps or dealt with using deadly force.
  5. Vaccines in general are much more dangerous than the general population knows.
  6. The various strains of swine flu vaccines in production now will be used without sufficient testing, especially any testing that includes the mercury-based preservative like thimerosol, and the oil-bases adjuvants like squalene.
  7. Many people have already died or been injured in preliminary tests of the swine flu vaccines. The Mainstream Media is predictably not reporting this.
  8. Many ignorant people are already signing up to participate in the limited trials that are taking place, risking their lives for $75 as they are injected with unknown substances.
  9. Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers stand to make $billions on the vaccines. At the same time, they’ve been given immunity from prosecution for any bad side effects.
  10. Reports last spring, as well as recent reports, of stockpiling of millions of plastic caskets and construction of mass burial facilities in cemetaries around the country, make more sense in this context.
  11. The Global Elite (the PowersThatBe) have pushed a eugenics agenda for over a century. Current statements by many indicate a desired global population of 500 million, down from about 7 billion now. What could hasten that process faster than injecting billions of unsuspecting people with untested soft kill bioweapons?
  12. As I indicated in my previous post, most of us Americans are worth more dead than alive to the US government. Now that most manufacturing has been shipped overseas, massive unemployment in the US, and an aging group of Baby Boomers moving into retirement, the unfunded liabilities of the US Govt would be greatly reduced with fewer people to need them.
  13. Baxter Labs sent vaccines with live virus in them to 16 countries last winter. An alert Austrian lab tech discovered this. If it had not been discovered, a mass outbreak of the virus would have happened. Is it possible that an errorof this magnitude can happen by mistake? Or was it intentional?
  14. There is a good chance that vaccines being proposed for use on the US population can combine to result in a mutated virus that will create a real pandemic. Read the long quote from Bob Willie below.
  15. In my posting of August 10, I wrote about how a 9-11 type of event would serve the Obama administration well. The rising opposition to his fascist-Marxist state, his plummeting polls, the awakening of American populism, rising opposition to the Iraq-Afghan-Pak war, the financial crisis — all could be overshadowed by a shock and awe event like a —- pandemic.

Connect some of these dots yourself.
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And here’s one I’ve followed for several years. Many of the world’s best microbiologists have died mysterious deaths. These are the same people that could either help develops designer viruses, or develop cures or preventative measures. Here’s a list. Dr. David Kelly was murdered in a staged suicide (archived link) to shut him up.

Is this the stuff of science fiction? Do I have too much time on my hands? You be the judge. But don’t decide without doing the research.

I wrote about the existence of Evil a few posts ago to remind you that Evil is a more active and organized force than most people realize. (Particularly, Christians are prone to dismiss actual human evil.) False flag operations like 9-11 are just penny antes in a high stakes global poker game. My fear is that the PTB is not bluffing this time. The flu pandemic may be just another dry run to test their control systems, but my sense is they are pulling the trigger this time. If this is not The Big One, then it is just another step toward it.

PLEASE READ what Jim Willie had to say in his latest :

No vaccination should EVER include live virus, but rather only dead virus. That is the starting point. The vaccination program has evidence that vaccines contain mercury (in form of thimerosal) which is known to damage the brain function. Most flu vaccination shots contain mercury, but few know it. Tens of millions of Americans are expected to receive innoculation against (or injection of) swine flu this season in hopes of protection against the nasty virus. However, more than 80% will also get what some say is a hefty and dangerous dose of mercury. Experts claim the vaccine benefits outweigh potential risk, but one must wonder in today’s day & age. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that almost everyone, including pregnant women, receive the innoculation, despite written warnings from the vaccine manufacturers. See the Natural Health Blog article (CLICK HERE), or the Center For Disease Control questions & answers about thimerosal (CLICK HERE).

Authorities admit to vaccines containing thimerosal. The majority of influenza vaccines distributed in the United States currently contain thimerosal as a preservative. However, some contain only trace amounts of thimerosal, still considered by the Food & Drug Admin (FDA) to be preservative-free in a blatant denial from expedience. Manufacturers of flu vaccines use thimerosal early in the manufacturing process. The thimerosal is diluted as the vaccine goes through the steps in processing. By the end of the manufacturing process, enough thimerosal remains in the vaccine to act as a preservative but the vaccine is still officially labeled preservative-free. Giving a 3-year old child the flu vaccine would raise the blood level of organic mercury beyond what the CDC has defined as a chemical poisoning. The recommended USGovt schedule requires that this dose be given twice, one month apart. See the Journal Sentinel article (CLICK HERE).

An orchestrated complex plan seems clearly underway to disseminate swine flu to the US population. The process has two steps. The first stage involves the spread of two weak swine flu types, which will certainly meet each other in the population. When they do, they will combine to form a more deadly flu strain, putting the lives of both parties in grave jeopardy. The second stage is actually intended to encourage that mutation, while introducing a more powerful live flu strain. On its face, this seems like premeditated genocide. My research cannot find any strong evidence to the contrary. The mercury poisoning is anticipated to weaken the human immunity systems. Some believe the second stage is intended to deliver a stronger live flu virus to people whose systems have been weakened not only by mercury but also by the active flu from the first stage. People who do not participate in the process stand the best chance of survival. Investors and executives at the major pharmaceutical firms stand to profit in an outrageous way, which could result in their rise in global political power. The collusion among pharma firms, the CDC, and US Military has been well documented to produce a virus as a weaponized microbe. The CIA laboratories are located at Fort Dietrich in Maryland, where many other microbial weapons have been developed and are stored. Bear in mind that a combinant virus from human, swine, and bird is a natural impossibility. It can only be produced in a laboratory. The public is told that the vaccines are intended to be as powerful as possible for protection against different flu types. Actually, the same development process can be designed for genocide. See the Bilderberg chronicles for discussion in their meetings for virus release and global population reduction.”

Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

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