OCPAC: The Passing of a Great American – Bill Stemmons

++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING ++ CAROL HEFNER WINS OCPAC ENDORSEMENT ++ OCPAC MEMBERSHIP UP-DATE & AGENDA RE-FOCUS ++ DANGER AHEAD - 2011, WILL STATES CALL FOR A CON CON? ++ CLEAN UP - ILLIGIMATE JUDICAL NOMINATING COMMISSION ++ THE PASSING OF A GREAT AMERICAN - BILL STEMMONS ++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, December 29th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. The first part of our program will feature one of Oklahoma’s treasures, Mr. Jim Garling. Jim moved from Norman to Guthrie about 8 or so years ago and began performing on some occasions with Byron Berline, 2 time national fiddle champion. Jim teaches guitar lessons and developed a love for Western Swing and Cowboy Music. Too few Oklahoman’s know about the singing cowboy museum located in Gene Autry Oklahoma. It is located in an old school house, where each school room is dedicated to a different singing cowboy. Also, a couple of old Gene Autry movies are shown every day in the gym. During the fall, there is a music festival on the grounds dedicated to this nearly lost form of music. Jim will do a few songs and a sampling of cowboy poetry. In addition we will have 2 mystery speakers, each taking 6 or 7 minutes to speak. Jim is going to close our meeting for us with the song Happy Trails To You. This meeting will be a lot of fun. We haven’t had a meeting like this since Kyle Dillingham performed for us several years ago. I am also going to propose changing our by-laws to return to the last Wednesday in March for the election of officers rather than during our awards banquet. We changed our by-laws last year to move that to the awards banquet and I just don’t believe it will fit well with a fun event like an awards banquet. We will have some discussion on this subject then our members will vote to change it or leave it alone. ++ CAROL HEFNER WINS OCPAC ENDORSEMENT This past Wednesday, Carol Hefner, Kenny Goza and Greg Treat went through our interview process and then our members voted to give Carol our endorsement. I was not surprised she won, just a little surprised she won on the first ballot with nearly 65% of the vote. Each of these 3 candidates have some areas where they stand very strong. However, Carol takes a strong position on nearly every issue. In addition, she is very personable, passionate and an excellent communicator. She also comes across as a person who is kind, but will not be pushed around by the lobbyists or the good ole boys who have for too long bullied weak lawmakers into bad votes. Because there is not a run-off in the Republican primary, I believe Carol will win this special election, especially given the higher name ID and the fact that she is working very hard and has sufficient finances. Based on what I have read about Mr. Brawley, his wanting not to give much attention at this time to social or side issues, but focus on the economic issues would have made it hard for him to have done well at OCPAC. Mr. Dobbs also takes that position to some degree and he clearly stated at the high noon club forum that he is in favor of corporate welfare. Corporate welfare is an incentive for economic development from the central planning philosophy, but it is the enemy of reducing taxes and regulations. You can’t give millions of dollars away and have a low tax base at the same time. ++ OCPAC PERFORMANCE UP-DATE & AGENDA RE-FOCUS As the year draws to an end I wanted to give a summary of our past performance. We quit taking new memberships for 2010 somewhere around the middle of October. We ended up with 287 dues paying members, which went along with the 217 dues paying members during 2009. The combined dues for those two years raised $44,300 and our PAC expenses were less than $400. After we made our final campaign contribution in early October we had about $17 in the bank. We endorsed and or contributed to 35 candidates this election cycle, with 20 of them being elected. When it comes to candidates we contributed to for the first time, 13 of those candidates out of 19 won their elections. All 7 of the conservative incumbents we supported won their reelections. All told, over the past 6 election cycles, we have now contributed to 92 different candidates, based on the outcome of the January 11th special election either 50 or 51 of them will have won their elections. For the 2000 election cycle, we raised $4,000, in 2002 it was $8,400, 2004 saw us raising $24,000, it was $31,000 in 2006, $33,00 for 2008 and then $44,000 for 2010. Since we are all volunteers in our efforts, none of our dues goes for salaries and as such we have earned the trust and respect of so many of our members who contribute to this effort. On behalf of the OCPAC officers, our most humble thanks for the support. We have 25 families or single donors who have us draft their checking accounts on a monthly basis for either $15 or $30 per month. As such that accounts for nearly $600 per month, which forms the base of about $7,000 per year or $14,000 for an election cycle. That is huge in our efforts and a special thanks to those folks. Assuming those folks continue, along with the people who have already joined for next year, we now already have 82 dues paying members for 2011 and have already raised over $5,000 before the end of the year. Again, thanks so much. As of this Friday, everyone’s membership will expire except those having their checking accounts drafted or those who have paid their dues over the past couple of months with the intent of them applying to 2011. If you have not joined as yet, please consider doing so at this time. When we first started OCPAC, the Democrats were in control of both the House and Senate. Today, with super majorities held by Republican in both the House and Senate, Democrats have little relevance in state government. As such, I believe our efforts need to shift to electing a more conservative group of Republicans. While we will always look for and support those truly conservative Republicans in general election races, I believe we will use a larger amount of our PAC funds to defeat RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and replace them with conservative Republicans. As such, as soon as next year’s session is over, redistricting is done and the conservative index is out, we will probably select a couple of liberal Republican House members and a couple in the Senate as our targets. At that time we will begin a year long effort using robotic phone calls and direct mail pieces into the Republican households in their districts to inform those voters about the liberalism of their personal lawmaker. We will also suggest for one or more true conservatives in the district to decide to run against them in 2012. Possible targets will be Doug Cox in the House and Patrick Anderson in the Senate. We might also include a lawmaker who would sponsor really bad legislation such as eliminating the requirement for a 60% super majority for school bond elections, or perhaps legislation for Oklahoma to call for a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) to amend the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, if you are faint at heart and still think our fight is only against liberal Democrats, you might want to pause before you join OCPAC. Because we are going to try and replace liberals with conservatives, regardless of what designation they have by their names. Instructions on how to become a dues paying member will follow my sign off. Thanks again for all the support. ++ DANGER AHEAD-2011, WILL STATES CALL FOR A CON CON? Any conservative or constitutionalist, closely watching the performance of the federal government, should be very concerned, knowing that the federal government is gravely ill, even terminal if corrective action is not taken and the soo. With such concern and frustration, people often look for ways to take shortcuts in an effort to fix the problems. One of the ideas to solve our problems, is a movement calling on the various states to issue a call for a Constitutional Convention (Con Con), with the intention of amending our U.S. Constitution. Article 5, Section 8 of the Constitution delineates the 2 different methods to amend our Constitution. The method that has been used for all 27 of the current Amendments is for Congress to pass a proposed amendment and submit it to the states for ratification. A 75% supermajority of the states is needed under our current Constitution for ratification. The other method is for 2/3rds of the states to issue a call for a constitutional convention. This has only occurred once in our history. Following our War of Independence our fledgling new country was being governed under the Articles of Confederation. There were a few deficiencies that existed, so the various states convened a Constitutional Convention to tighten up those loose ends. However, once the convention was convened, those delegates threw out the Articles of Confederation and crafted what is now known as our Constitution. Some of those great minds and men of high character warned us about the dangers of doing so again, as once convened, there would be no guarantee of it not becoming a runaway or rogue convention. Since that early time several U.S. Supreme Court Justices have warned that such a convention could not be limited to a single issue, or a particular group of issues. In other words, we could see the brilliance of those great men thrown out the window and something very inferior put in place, something that might not require a super majority or even a simple majority for ratification purposes. Even respected contemporary minds like Jude Robert Bork on the right and Harvard Professor Larry Tribe on the left have also warned that a Con Con can’t be limited to the purpose in which it is convened. As a result, a week ago Wednesday, former Senator Randy Brogdon, and current Representatives Charles Key, Mike Ritze and I went to the Capitol where a couple of digital cameras and sound equipment were set up. There in the House Lounge, we filmed about 40 minutes of questions and answers, so the John Birch Society can edit it down to about 10 to 15 minutes to produce a new DVD to educate lawmakers all over the nation as to the dangers of calling for a Con Con. It should be ready for distribution to lawmakers as well as showing on the internet in short order. This is important as several organizations or entities have been preparing model legislation to be introduced into all 50 states during this year’s legislative sessions. This will be a very dangerous time for the future of our nation. We in Oklahoma must stay alert and make sure our legislature does not go down this foolish road. It was just 2 years ago that we rescinded all of Oklahoma’s previous calls for a Con Con. ++ CLEAN UP THE ILLEGITIMATE JUDICIAL NOMINATING COMMISSION Tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th, the Oklahoma Judicial Nominating Committee (JDC) will meet to try and rail road through 3 names so Governor Henry can appoint yet another liberal Justice to the State Supreme Court. These liberal members of the court will become his greatest legacy other than being known as the Governor that opened the gates to the flood of gambling that currently flourishes throughout the state. Last week, citizen watch dog and Constitutionalist Jerry Fent filed a motion to stay this action by the JDC. The grounds for his stay were primarily based on the fact that the Constitution requires for there to be 2 members on the JDC from each congressional district, which would mean the commission should have 10 members, plus an 11th so there would be an odd number. The 11th person is selected by the members of the JDC. However, following the redistricting which occurred 10 years ago following the 2000 census, we failed to reduce the number from 12 members plus 1 down to 10 members plus 1. Therefore, the make-up of the JDC is unconstitutional. In addition, with passage of State Question 752 on November 2nd of this year, we amended our Constitution to add two more members, one selected by the Senate President Pro-Tem and the other selected by the Speaker of the House. Neither of those 2 have been appointed at this time. Fent’s motion was tough because it challenged the validity of all sitting Justices on the Court today since 2001 and even challenged SQ 752 since it calls for there to be15 members on the JDC, which was again based on 6 congressional districts plus 3 members rather than the current number of 5 congressional districts. Retiring Chief Justice Rudolph Hargrave denied Mr. Fent’s motion last week. Hargrave had a chance to do the right thing, to slow down the process and allow Mr. Fent’s challenge be heard on its merits, but he chose not to do so. Therefore Hargrave’s LEGACY will be known as a person who wasn’t interested in doing right by the constitution, but rather as a person willing to take the heat off of his colleagues so the rail road job could be completed. This is not a man that deserves honor, but scorn and shame. Earlier today, December 27th, State Senator Clark Jolley filed another motion contesting the matter on a little different grounds. Hopefully there will be an honorable member of the court who will do the right thing and determine that this matter on its merits before the decision is made to put the next person on the court. What I believe is at stake here is an attempt to get the son of the largest trial lawyer law firm in the state (last name is Bell) or to get Jari Askins on the court. Askins was a judge in Stephens County, what she isn’t saying is that she was a special judge (appointed for overflow or minor cases) rather than a district judge, handling the more important cases. Askins’ qualifications to sit as a Supreme Court Justice pales in comparison to some of the others who have submitted their names. The Good ole boy cronyism is how we get bad government. Of the 13 members of the JDC, Governor Henry has appointed 6 of them. I suspect all 6 of those will vote for Askins and Bell to be 2 of the 3 names forwarded on Tuesday, unless they realize they are being watched! ++ THE PASSING OF A GREAT AMERICAN, BILL STEMMONS On Sunday afternoon, December 19th I attended the memorial service for long time activist Bill Stemmons. Most of those in attendance were friends of Bill from high school days forward who have been involved in government and politics. Bill was a registered parliamentarian and served in that function for the legislature, at state or county conventions and for the corporate world, for their need to know how to conduct stock holder meetings. He also taught at the college level and even one home school cooperative of which I am aware. Though Bill never married, he was truly a people person. While in college he got involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and spent the rest of his life as a true witness and encourager to those struggling through life, as was evident from the testimonies of several who spoke during his memorial service. Bill volunteered countless hours working on campaigns, especially on behalf of Mike Huckabee in his run for President in 2008. At his own expense, Bill took time off and spent several months in Iowa as volunteer for Huckabee. Former Governor Huckabee was most generous in his accolades for Bill upon hearing of his passing. At 63, Bill has gone on the be with the Lord, no longer having to fight the cancer that ravaged his earthly flesh. Those of us who knew him will truly miss him and Oklahoma is a little worse off without him. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday. Charlie Meadows Charliemeadows7@gmail.com