YES Judge Bill Mussman

Dear Friends, I have endorsed Bill Musseman for the 14th Judicial District in Tulsa and Pawnee Counties, and will be voting for him on November 2nd.   I want to introduce Bill to you and ask for your consideration of support. For more than a decade, Bill Musseman served as a prosecutor in the Tulsa County District Attorney's Office.  As director of the murder and crime prosecution team, he has been involved with virtually every high profile criminal trial during the last decade.  Bill personally prosecuted more than 80 felony jury trials, 30 murder trials and 10 death penalty trials. In his roll as prosecutor, Bill served with integrity and was known to be fair, honest, of good character and one who knows the law.  In December of 2009, those same attributes led to him being selected to serve as a Special Judge. Judicial races are often overlooked because voters do not know what the judges stand for. This is why I am sending you this information.  I have found Bill Mussman to be a man of integrity and worthy of your support. Please join me and vote for Bill Mussman who I consider the best choice for District Judge in the 14th judicial race in Tulsa and Pawnee Counties. Pass this onto your friends and neighbors to let them know about Bill Musseman. If you would like more information on Judge Bill Musseman please go to Sincerely, Senator Randy Brogdon