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++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING ++ CHARLIE’S PICKS & ANNOUNCEMENT ++ GOVERNOR FALLIN - ACTION ITEM ++ CONGRESS AND THE FEDERAL BUDGET ++ OCPAC MEMBERSHIP ++ TIDBITS ++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, April 6th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our unconfirmed speaker for this Wednesday will be Jerry Bohnen, long time investigative reporter and director of the news department for KTOK radio. Jerry did excellent work reporting on the OKC Bombing and the subsequent weeks, months and years of the controversy that followed. He will discuss that subject as well as the principles a news reporter should adhere to versus the broader latitude in which an opinion commentator may function. ++ CHARLIE’S PICKS & ANNOUNCEMENT * OKC WARD 2 SEAT - DR. ED SHADID - To remind everyone, these are my opinions, they do not necessarily represent the viewpoints of the members of OCPAC. Just prior to the March 1st primary election when analyzing this ward 2 seat, I said Dr. Shadid and Charlie Swinton were the 2 people not to vote for in this race and left it up to the voters to choose between the other 4 other candidates. I expected these 2 candidates would be the leading contenders and as it happened they are in a run-off to be decided this Tuesday, April 5th. About 3 hours after my e-mail went out recommending folks not to vote for either of these candidates, I received a call from Dr. Shadid. We had a very good talk that lasted for at least an hour or more. Dr. Shadid is an independent. Make no mistake, he is also a liberal, but so is the Democrat Charlie Swinton. In fact I have access to an audio recording of Swinton telling a group of liberal Democrats that he is a yellow dog Democrat. In Friday’s Oklahoman, certainly no surprise, they endorsed Swinton, basically saying his experience gives him the edge over the, “2 good candidates.” Of course my thought is the Oklahoman must be jumping for joy with 2 liberals running. Bottom line, Swinton is the beneficiary of tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign help from OKC’s central planners, or as I have recently dubbed them, the Oklahoma City Mafia. For the most part, Dr. Shadid has funded his own campaign, not wanting money from PACs or special interests. He has asked that independent groups not expend independent campaign funds on his behalf. I am supporting him because he does not believe in the good ole boy corporate welfare schemes that are so prevalent in OKC. I believe he will expose those back room deals and be a voice that will speak up when necessary and not just push that green button on the Council horseshoe every time the OKC Mafia wants something done. I also believe Swinton should not be trusted. In May of 2004 he testified before a State Legislative Commission investigating then Insurance Commissioner Carrol Fisher who was later convicted on charges of bribery. Swinton, a Senior Vice President and lobbyist for BankFirst, facilitated a gift from the bank of an ice machine for Fisher’s office valued at over $3500. Swinton nor the Bank were ever charged because the deal was approved by central services, but I believe it just shows how well he knows the ropes of how to go along to get along. To justify his taking the many thousands of dollars in campaign contributions he has said he can’t self fund his campaign like Dr. Shadid. In my opinion, a Senior Vice President of BankFirst and a lobbyist, married to a district judge, and with an extra 20 years of earning power over Dr. Shadid should be able to write a check to fund his campaign if he chose. If not, then he may not be the kind of person you would want to serve making decisions over a government the size of OKC. I think he is dishonest in his rhetoric as he has continually misrepresented Dr. Shadid’s positions on Maps 3 even though he has to know the truth. I imagine these decisions come from a Republican consulting firm which is whoring out their talents to the liberal Swinton. Ultimately Swinton is responsible for these misrepresentations. * EDMOND SCHOOL BOARD RACE - ANN CAMERON - I believe it is the Ward 1 run-off race where my pick was Mike Blaylock who just missed the run- off by 21 votes. The other most conservative candidate in the race was Ann Cameron of whom Mike gladly endorsed. * EDMOND CITY COUNCIL RACES - YOUR CHOICE - No matter where you live in the city you will be able to vote for the candidate of your choice in each of the two wards. I have read a great deal on these candidates and others have spent time with most of them and the possibilities are not good. I couldn’t endorse any of them. * CANADIAN COUNTY JAIL ISSUE - VOTE YES - A blue ribbon panel, chaired by pastor Dan Fisher, looked at ways to fund a new jail and came up with a viable way to get it done without a tax increase. Currently a .35 cents county wide sales tax goes to support a facility for criminal juveniles. Canadian county had the largest percentage of populations growth of any county in the state and as such the tax revenues have really flowed into county coffers. In fact they intend to pay off the juvenile center’s debt by the first of the year and years early. As such, the center is deemed to be able to give up a third of their revenues to fund the new jail. This is brilliant, getting a necessary job done without a tax increase. * ONE TO WATCH - The citizens of Wisconsin will go to the polls on Tuesday to select Supreme Court Justices. The union thugs in Wisconsin are working feverishly to get their puppets elected to the Supreme Court and defeat any conservatives running for positions on the court. This will be somewhat of a public opinion test in the “fiscal responsibility war” in this battle ground state, though many citizens don’t always do a good job of knowing how one issue relates to another. If conservatives win, conservatives nationally will push forward, if they lose, some will get weak kneed. That is why it is important that conservatives never go to sleep. Our enemies never do. * For those out there that have been wanting to see the Truth Project, it is now being shown at the Northside Bible Church, 1401 Northwest 100th (McKinley and NW 100st). Lesson #1 was shown last week, but lesson #2 will begin Monday evening at 6:30. This will run for the next 12 weeks to get all 13 lessons finished. I really suggest people making every effort to view these powerful programs if at all possible. ++ GOVERNOR FALLIN - ACTION ITEM While governor, Brad Henry formed the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council. That group met a couple of weeks ago and was found to represent people from about 25 Middle Eastern countries. I believe the members of this council are for the most part a front for the activities for the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR, which is an un-indicted conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trail and convictions of that organization’s efforts to funnel money to the terrorist organization HAMAS. As we learned at the recent counter-terrorism conference, the strategy of many Muslims in this country is to become an advisor to elected officials and promote multi-culturalism. I believe Governor Fallin will have to decide this week to either disband this council or keep it in place. Please call and or e-mail the Governor’s office and urge her to dissolve the GOVERNOR’S ETHNIC AMERICAN ADVISORY COUNCIL. The Governor’s office number is (405) 521-2342. This is important as Mary promised an OCPAC member before the election that disbanding this group would be one of her first actions. However, in a recent story in the Oklahoman she indicated she hadn’t decided as yet what she would do. Please view this important you tube called Multicultural France http://www.youtube.com/embed/A3YQANdwbY. You will see what destruction the multicultural experiment has done to Europe. If the advances of Islam aren’t stopped in this nation the results will be the same here. As a point of interest, our speakers at the recent counter terrorism conference were invited to Great Britton to speak on these issues regarding Islam. They contacted General Jerry Boinkin (sp?) to see if he wanted to go. It was his opinion that England was too far gone so he didn’t want to waste valuable time. The belief is that the Britts are so weak kneed and politically correct that they will have no stomach for the kind of violence necessary to take their nation back from the hordes of Muslims that now populate their nation. These men believe it will only be time before England is firmly under the control of Sharia Law and the Muslims. In my opinion, that is why we must stop the advance of Sharia Law in America through political efforts before it might ever come to a day that it would break down into violence. ++ CONGRESS AND THE FEDERAL BUDGET We are nearing the next deadline to approve a budget with at least $61 Billion in spending cuts or have a partial shut down of the government. This is a budget for the remainder of the current year, which ends this September 30th. I have suggested this is probably a good amount in mid year with much larger cuts in next year’s budget. However, the Democrats have absolutely NO intentions to responsibly reduce our massive amount of deficit spending, so Republicans must have the courage to step up to the plate, do what is right and convince the American public of their decisions. Returning this nation to fiscal responsibility will be painful and many who will feel the most pain are the blood sucking leaches who have allowed themselves to become DEPENDENT on government for their well being. This not only includes those on welfare, but also people and entities who live on the government teat for functions and programs which are unconstitutional. In addition, many on Social Security, and Medicare (the entitlement programs) will eventually have to see their benefits reduced to a level that is actuarially sound, retirement ages increased or new revenues come into the system to keep these programs from failing, but those battles should come at a later time. One of the ways the Republican controlled House of Representatives can win the public opinion war is to send pieces of the budget to the Senate rather than a complete budget which would require the Senate to take it or leave it. The Republicans should send a bill with funding for Social Security and Medicare. They can send a separate bill to fund the Military, then send bills with severe cuts for the EPA, the U.S. Department of Education, The Department of Energy, title 10 funding, and other wasteful or unconstitutional give away plans. If the Democrats won’t support these important pieces of legislation, then the Republicans can hold up the bill in front of the cameras of the mainstream media and say we funded these programs and the Democrats wouldn’t pass those bills. That strategy will win in the public opinion wars. ++ OCPAC MEMBERSHIP UP-DATE As of March 31st we now have 182 dues paying members. We have broken a membership record of some kind every year since our beginnings 13 years ago. The target to break the 2009 record, the last non-election year, will be a membership number that is more than 217. With the first quarter finished, we are now 36 dues paying members away from breaking that record. I want to urge those reading the OCPAC e-mails to consider joining if you have not done so as of yet. As I have stated in the past, more of our funds will now shift to accountability efforts as we really don’t need a larger number of Republicans in the legislature. What is now needed are better quality Republicans. Redistricting will present some important opportunities to change out some of the stogy establishment Republicans who consistently rank on the RINO nominee list. To do that, we will need a large campaign war chest. All I can say is thanks for all the support over the years. It is not time to shrink back, but time to press ahead as there is still more to do in Oklahoma. Information on how to join will follow my sign off. ++ TIDBITS * Last week Senate President Pro-Tem Brian Bingman (R-Sapulpa) announced the legislation to create the insurance exchanges will not be heard this year as his concern was that taking the $54 million federal government dollars the Governor wants, might be used to compel us to take part in Obama Care. I agree with the Senator, and thank him for his sentiments. However, I would have much preferred the legislation be heard and defeated in committee. There are two reasons. First, in the spirit of hearing every bill, I just don’t like it when leadership can make that kind of decision. The other reason is that Governor Fallin brushed it off and stated that the legislation will become a part of the bargaining process between the legislature and the Governor’s office. If it would have been heard and defeated, it would be dead for the rest of the session and by the rules not able to be brought up again. Conservatives are absolutely going to need to watch closely to keep it from sneaking back in through some other means. * Saturday before last, the conservatives ruled at the Tulsa County convention. The convention passed a strong resolution to require Republicans be responsive to conservative standards or suffer censure. Mr. Burdick, an old friend from the McGovernite wing of the party, argued we need to be working against Democrats rather than going after Republicans. There was a day that was true, when we were in a minority. However, if the Republicans were actually as conservative as they say when they want our votes and money, they would govern within reasonable bounds of conservatism and the Democrats who are in such small minorities would be irrelevant. Sorry Don, its time for Republicans to clean up their own house rather than worrying about irrelevant Democrats. * During the primary elections I kept saying that Randy Brogdon was the game changer and Mary Fallin was the establishment candidate who would nibble around the edges of change but not be the real conservative. I don’t want to just keep harping on that race, but I do think it is important to point out decisions she makes to prove my point. Governor Fallin recently named a new person to the Board of Regents for the University of Oklahoma. It was none other than Clay Bennett, point man for the ownership team of the OKC Thunder basket ball team. Bennett married into the Gaylord family, principle owners of the Oklahoman. In my opinion, the Gaylords and President Boren have had a fetish with each other for many years, so it is a perfect establishment pick on Governor Fallin’s part. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday. Charlie Meadows Charliemeadows7@gmail.com

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