OCPAC: Congrats on Killing Osama Bin Laden & My Only Disagreement with Rep Sally Kern

++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING ++ ATTEND THE STATE CONVENTION ++ MY ONLY DISAGREEMENT WITH REP SALLY KERN ++ CONGRATS ON KILLING OSAMA BIN LAUDIN ++ OCPAC MEMBERSHIP UP-DATE ++ AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETING Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, May 4th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. The first part of our program will feature Ms. Miki Booth. Miki and her husband moved to Oklahoma from Hawaii not too many years ago. Her husband and son were both born in the same hospital as was President Obama, that is assuming he was actually born in that hospital. If President Obama was actually born in that hospital, his birth would be sandwiched in between the birth of her husband and son. With Donald Trump fueling the fires of speculations about the President’s birth place and a book on the subject by New York Times best selling author, Dr. Jerome Corsi, due to come out this month I had planned on having Miki come and give her reasons for believing President Obama was not telling the truth about his place of birth and as such his CONSTITUTIONAL credentials to hold the office of President might be in question. Well, President Obama released his “long form” birth certificate this past week and that should put all speculation to rest wouldn’t you say? Hold on there, not so fast, Miki may make the case this Wednesday that his “so called” long form has a problem. It may have to do with problems relating to the name of the hospital on his long form and the name of the hospital before and after a merger, which occurred after Obama’s supposed birth in the hospital. Miki has spoken all over the nation on this issue and will have copies of all these certificates to make her case. The second part of our program will feature a tribute to Mark Shannon, former KTOK afternoon radio talk show host who passed away about a year ago. Representatives of the OKC Tea Party called me a couple of weeks ago to see about doing something in Mark’s name for his honor and remembrance. After some discussion it was determined we would have 3 or 4 folks say a few words about Mark at our meeting and then take up a collection for a memorial in his name. The decision was made to collect money to move along the progress of installing the Ten Commandments Monument on the North side of the State Capitol. Legislation was passed in 2009 to erect a Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol. In that legislation was a prohibition for any tax dollars to be spent on the monument or on the costs for its erection and display. State Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow) was the House author of the legislation and as such his family agreed to pay the estimated cost of $10,000 for the monument itself. It has been crafted and is now in storage, waiting for the funds to erect the base, lighting and a sidewalk extension to the monument. An architect volunteered to drawn up the plans for these additional items and those plans have been approved by the Capitol Preservation Commission. The estimated cost for materials and labor is $13,000. A contractor in the Northeastern part of the state volunteered to perform the labor, but perhaps it might be easier and we could get the project done quicker if a local contractor might volunteer to do the job. The contractor will have to comply with safety requirements and a pre-construction meeting will be necessary with the construction and properties division at the capitol before actual construction may begin. It has been suggested that the money we might raise could be used for the stone pavers or perhaps a stone or masonry bench donated in Mark’s name so people might sit and reflect upon the historical significance of the Ten Commandments monument. The bench idea would have to go back to the Preservation Commission for an amended plan approval. I don’t want people to feel pressured to contribute, but any size contribution will be sincerely appreciated. Please make a check out to he OKC Tea Party with the name Mark Shannon on the memo line of the check. You can bring the contribution, cash or check, to our meeting or mail it in. If you want to mail it, please send it to the OKC TEA PARTY, P.O. Box 94851, Oklahoma City, Ok 73143. Perhaps Mark’s last outdoor event was broadcasting on the North side of the capitol during one of the tea party gatherings. It would be most fitting to honor his patriotism with a memorial in his name and the added plus would be to expedite the erection of the Ten Commandments monument at the same time. ++ ATTEND THE STATE CONVENTION If you were not able to attend precinct meetings or your county convention, you may still be able to become a delegate to the state convention which will be held this coming Saturday, May 7th. I talked with Matt Jackson (Oklahoma County Chairman) last Saturday and he said to contact him right away. His phone number is (405) 650-6674. Tulsa County Chair is J.B. Alexander and his number is (918) 810-9149. Contact information for Logan County Chairman Rick Moore is Richard.moore@kofc.org. All county chairmen have the authority to allow you to become a delegate. Call now to attend to make a difference in the direction of the party.  Original post here >>>