Hmm? — Spend more money or Oppose SB985 bond for ‘cultural center’

Here is a sample letter for you to consider sending on to your Senator. Special thanks to Amanda for the sample letter and the heads up. If you don’t know who your senator is see here>>>

I personalized my letter with a couple of thoughts:

seems like wisdom to me — Please vote NO on SB985 – $40 M bond for “cultural center”

we need to be reducing spending at all levels on everything possible at present . . .

You can adapt and personalize the sample letter to make it yours or use the sample below as it is with your contact information inserted of course.  Please don’t delay because time is of the essence!




Sample Letter Opposing SB 985

(bonded indebtedness for ‘cultural center’)

Dear Senator,

RE: SB 985

Please vote NO on SB985, “An Act relating to the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority”.

Now is not the time to further obligate the state to yet another bond by borrowing $40 M in anticipation of future revenue generation, especially for such a non-essential undertaking as this.

A better action by this Legislature would be to call for an audit of the Oklahoma Capitol Improvement Authority (OCIA), detailing the last 10 years’ receipts, expenses, and contractual arrangements for other “capital improvements” they have been involved with.


[insert your contact information here]

For Life and Liberty,


Sandra Crosnoe

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