Swine Flu: PsyOp, Pandemic or Fraud?

I’m still trying to make sense of the Swine Flu situation. I’ve written about it several times before (here and here and here). Is it an elaborate PsyOp designed to create reactions for nefarious purposes, including invoking martial law and selective concentration camp detentions? Is it a real threat, a dangerous pandemic? Or is it a fraud to enrich vaccine makers, administrators and others with another scare? Or is it a combination of all three, and maybe more?

The evidence is still out. My money’s on All of the Above.

1. A little bit of research shows that the virus was birthed in a laboratory, not nature. And its release is intentional, not accidental. Whatever happens has been staged. That by itself is enough to sound to go on high alert and activate all your precautionary measures. Who would do this and why? If you reject this idea because it sounds “conspiratorial” or you can’t believe humans would do this to other humans, you had better grow up — fast! A large part of written history is man’s inhumanity to man.

2. There are countless stories that the vaccine at this time is not only untested, but likely much more dangerous than the Swine Flu itself. Not only is there no proof it is effective against H1N1, but the adjuvents can cause much more harm, especially auto-immune diseases and cancer. There is a danger of live viruses in the vaccines. Baxter Labs, which released vaccines containing live viruses last spring, is active in manufacturing and promoting swine flu vaccines.

Moreover, I’ve seen indications that these vaccines can recombine into more virulent viruses, making vaccine recipients into combination human petri dishes and “Typhoid Mary-type” carriers to spread the greater disease. So the fall wave of H1N1 may be just the first step in creating a larger, more virulent pandemic.

3. A pandemic crisis can easily be used to justify martial law, mandatory vaccinations and concentration camp confinement for whomever the authorities choose (political opponents?). While mandatory vaccinations are unconstitutional, the military and many employers are now mandating them as a requirement of continued employment.

4. Any in-depth study of the Global Elite and their philosophy, shows that they are adherents of eugenics and advocate the reduction of the planetary population by at least 3/4. What better way than plague? Eugenics = Genocide.

5. Other than hand washing and self-quarantine, you seldom see any natural prevention or cures mentioned by the MSM. Since Big Pharma only peddles drugs, and since drugs are dangerous/ineffective, the MSM has little incentive to bit the financial hand that feeds them by promoting their more cost-effective competition.

6. You can use religious and spiritual objections to opt out of mandatory vaccines.

7. If you plan on self-quarantine (which you should), then make sure you have the supplements, nano-silver, herbs, food, etc. that you will need to survive.

8. The internet is full of stories of body bags, caskets, micro-chipped ID bracelets, mandatory vaccination programs, vaccines that are more dangerous than the virus, training for martial law, etc. The MainStream Media (MSM) are busy with the typical re-assuring stories that if we’re lucky, there will be enough vaccine for all of us! Just roll up your sleeve and trust the nice government minion with the syringe.

9. I’m also hearing stories from all over the world that at least half of all doctors, nurses and other health workers will refuse the vaccine. (What do they know, anyway?)

10. What I do know is this: YOU had better do your own research, and don’t trust the MSM. If you don’t think they’re all controlled by the global elite, you’re living in La La Land — and you deserve everything that happens to you and your loved ones because of your misplaced trust and naivete. Rupert Murdoch is heavily involved in this scheme, so don’t expect to hear the truth about vaccines from Faux News.

There are many things you should read to help you understand what is going on. High among your list should be Dr. Len Horowitz’ recently filed affidavit charging criminal conspiracy in the creation of the current flu pandemic. The affidavit includes an interesting history of the Rockefeller-controlled Big Pharma in the US and the rest of the world. Though it is a long read, you’ll find many mind-blowing facts in one coherent narrative.

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Grace and Peace and Courage to You!

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