Dustin Ellermann of Zavalla Texas wins Top Shot Marksmanship Contest with Style

ZAVALLA, Texas (Report via KTRE)

Tuesday, Dustin Ellermann was named the History Channel’s top marksmen. Today he’s back at his Christian kids camp.

“It was kind of a big relief that hey, now everybody knows,” Ellermann said.

He and his wife, Brittany, kept the “Top Shot” secret for months.

Last night the secret was out as Ellermann aced seven challenges in the final stretch of the competition.

“I was like, ‘Mike, if you get too far ahead, you need to slow down and let me catch up a little so we look good,’ and he said ‘All right you do the same for me,’ I forgot.”

In the final episode, Ellermann shocked everyone, shooting a golf ball from 100 yards away with a .22 rifle.  Read more here >>>

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[Editor’s note: I have known Dustin and Britanny for many years. I took great pleasure in attending Brittany and Dustins’s wedding. I have found them a delightful couple, who bring their life and energy to so many people with their ministry, which is a children’s camp in Texas. Throughout the Top Shot contest, Dustin exhibited character and grace and style with a dash of humor and playfulness thrown in. It is exciting to know of this win because the money and the notereity received will both be used to glorify God in their community. The many children sent to Camp His Way will be taught the Bible along with character and marksmanship there. Congratulations Dustin Ellermann and Camp His Way! Blessings from Sandra Crosnoe of Finding Gems & Sharing Them.]

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