Election 2012: To Share or Not to Share?

Dear Grassroots Friends,

I have been contacted by a few of you with some concerns, so I thought it was critical to make preliminary contact at this time regarding some issues that have arisen in the past couple of weeks about which it would be premature to detail at the moment.  I hope to attain clarity in the next few days and be able to send additional information, so I appreciate patience at present.

In the meantime, please keep your lists (entire databases, email, phone, etc.) secure and do not oblige requests by anyone requesting copies. This advice, while necessary to highlight at the moment, due to reported efforts ongoing and expanding at the moment, is sound as a general practice.

There is simply no reason to pass your lists to anyone. If an individual, group, or organization representative contacts you requesting your list(s), whatever their stated capacity, the best policy for the protection of the privacy of the information you have obtained from the individuals who entrusted it to you, for all of your time and your efforts to build and maintain a contact list, is to politely refuse; but offer to review any message or material the individual would like to convey to the people on your list.

For those who believe in Constitutional, limited government, personal responsibility, and sovereignty, it is important to reflect those principles in efforts we conduct. Therefore, such efforts should be organized, guided, and conducted by folks at the local level, who know the people in their areas. Lists and information should be kept local, not ever-more centralized.

In addition to the concept of the duty to protect privacy, two other best practices are to “group send” using bcc and to provide some mechanism for opting out of being contacted.  This can be as simple as instructions at the bottom of your email about how to subscribe/unsubscribe.

As noted above, I hope to have more clarity which will allow me to contact everyone again, very soon.

For Life and Liberty,
Sandra Crosnoe


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