OK-SAFE Recommendations on Six Oklahoma State Questions on Ballot November 6th 2012



These charts are downloadable in a larger format in the links below.  There is also a link for the full text of the ballot wording.  The OK-SAFE summary recommendation is included on the chart.  Please note that some groups are mistaken in thinking there is anything on this ballot that will result in a tax cut.  These changes would simply redefine who pays the taxes!  The obligations already made must be met and I am guessing that will be done by you and I if we let the big boys off the hook.  Read carefully and think it through!


Revised Handout via Scribd here (2 pages downloadable/printable format) >>>

Full Text of Ballot Wording on State Questions here >>>

OK-SAFE Website here >>>



Study the issues and be an informed voter!

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots