Reminder! Meeting on the Health Dangers of Smart Meters; AxXiom for Liberty Sounding the Alarm

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Just a reminder about the upcoming meeting in Owassso Thursday night (1/31/13) at 7:00 pm on The Health Dangers of Smart Meters.  Location: Owasso Community Center, 301 S. Cedar Ave., Owasso, OK

On Friday (2/1/13) tune in to listen to AxXiom for Liberty’s radio show “Sounding the Alarm about Smart Meters Smart Grid with Curtis Bennett and David Chalk”

Link to information on the meeting in Owasso, OK:

Link to AxXiom for Liberty Live! radio:

There is growing evidence of the serious negative effects that “smart meters” have on health.  PSO is busy spreading the installation of these controversial meters in Oklahoma.

The OK Corporation Commission has a (limited) FAQ page entitled SMART Grid and SMART Meters Information and Resources. (formerly/


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