Congressman Bridenstine Remains Steadfast Against Tax Increases — March update

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March 2013


From the desk of Congressman Jim Bridenstine:

Today is the first of March and unfortunately thePresident’s sequester has taken effect. The sequester, proposed by the President in August of 2011, will have devastating cuts to our national security and public safety.  House Republicans have twice passed legislation to replace Obama’s sequester with common-sense reforms.
I am absolutely committed to rolling back the harmful, across the board cuts, that the sequester proposes and replacing them with smarter, more targeted reductions in spending.  However, the President does not believe that we have a spending problem and is ideologically committed to raising taxes.  He believes that an increase in taxes, more borrowing, and more printing of money are the solution to our nation’s debt problem.  We, as a Republican majority in the House, must be resolute in our opposition to any increases in revenue.
I remain stedfast in my efforts to move our country and our government in a more conservative and fiscally responsible direction. Each time I take a stand against additional spending measures and tax increases, whether it is coming from the Obama administration or from within the Republican Conference, I do so in an effort to preserve the economic prosperity and opportunity  of our great nation for the generations to come. Thank you for the tremendous opportunity you have given me to represent the First District of Oklahoma.
[Editor’s note:  Special thanks for openness, transparency, and dialogue with Congressman Bridenstine and his staff on behalf of the First Congressional District in Oklahoma.  He is actively visiting cities and companies and chambers within his district and addressing questions and concerns in a public forum.  His votes are posted and explained in his updates. Please take a look and be in touch with him as needed.  He listens and responds!/sc]
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Jim’s Votes

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2-4       H.R.225      Nay
2-4       H.R.297      Nay
2-5       H.Res.48    Yea
2-6       H.R.444      Aye
2-13     H.R.592      Yea
2-13     H.R.267      Yea
2-14     H.RES.66   Yea
2-15     H.R.273      Yea
2-15     H.RES.65   Yea
2-25     H.R.667      Yea
2-26     H.RES.77   Yea
2-27     H.RES.83   Yea