Dickson and Williams host Meet the Candidates Event in OKC March 21st

Upcoming Events:Thursday, March 21st, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

“Meet the Candidates” sponsored by Steve Dickson and Cheryl Williams
Rose State College, Raider Room (click the room for a map)
Open to all delegates and alternates, and all candidates are invited!


If we are elected, we plan to hold events such as this prior to the next election. There is simply not enough time to get to know the candidates and a few minutes of speaking does not accurately convey what they hope to accomplish and why they are running.

Saturday, March 23rd, 7:00 AM to ???
Magnuson Hotel
737 South Meridian, OKC, OK

Note – there is a $15 delegate fee, payable in cash or check.

Short Sample of a Convention Agenda (there is a LONG version HERE, just click…)

Registration: 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM

Convene, Prayer and Pledge: 9:00 AM

Credentials Report: Presented by the Credentials Committee, this is who gets to vote and how many votes per precinct.

Rules Report: Presented by the Rules Committee, this is how the votes and procedures will conducted.

Elections: potentially there are 9 elections. They are Convention Chair, County Chair, County Vice Chair, State Committee, State Committee, 4th District Committee, 4th District Committee, 5th District Committee, 5th District Committee.

Platform Report: Presented by the Platform Committee, this is a statement of the principles of our Party.

Other Business: let us hope to all survive to this point….

Since all three reports can be amended, and multiple people will probably run for each office (except maybe Convention Chair), be prepared for a full day. Those of you who have been to prior Conventions are, of course, aware of all of this, but there are many people who have felt motivated to take action and get involved – so this is for them.

If you want more details, try the “long” version, which also uses some football and church comparisons…

Steve and Angela Dickson
Please give Steve your support and vote for Chair of the Oklahoma County Republican Party!
John and Cheryl Williams
Please give Cheryl your support and vote for Vice Chair of the Oklahoma County Republican Party!
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