Mark Irwin of Lahoma Endorses Amanda Teegarden for OK GOP State Chair

The Republican Party has had tremendous success here in Oklahoma over past decade and now is in control of the state government. However, it is my opinion that the party in many cases has forgotten or disavowed many of the issues that produced this very success. These include the unalienable rights of our citizens, sovereign rights of our state and the moral issues that hold our society together. I believe that if this party is to remain in the majority we will have to re-embrace these principles as well as welcoming the Liberty movement into our ranks. Amanda Teegarden is a Godly, intelligent Patriot who understands these issues, the legitimate role of government and what free enterprise actually is. She is just the person to lead this party back to its limit government roots and I enthusiastically support her to be the next Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party.


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