New Day Dawning for Oklahoma County GOP – Executive Committee 2013-2014 Published



Oklahoma County GOP Executive Committee 2013 – 2014

Ken Bartlett Executive Committee 
David Brooke Executive Committee
Clem Burdick Executive Committee 
Shanika Chapman Executive Committee
Heather Cline Executive Committee 
Kerry Cox Executive Committee 
Duane Crumbacher Executive Committee
Steve Curry Executive Committee 
Bob Dani Executive Committee
Porter Davis Executive Committee
Craig Dawkins Executive Committee
Steve Dickson Executive Committee
Bebe Dotter Executive Committee 
Margie Drescher Executive Committee 
Lyn Francik Executive Committee
Dixie Galloway Executive Committee 
Julie Henry Executive Committee
Estella Hernandez 5th District 
Ryan Hill Executive Committee
David Holt Senator
Matt Jackson Chair 
Margie Jackson Executive Committee 
Brenda Jones Executive Committee 
Gary Jones Executive Committee 
Tina Kelly Executive Committee
Larry Kelly Executive Committee
Steve Kern State Committee 
Sally Kern Representative
Charles Key Executive Committee
Angie LaPlante Executive Committee 
Sandra Leaver Executive Committee 
Willard Linzy Executive Committee 
Steve Long Executive Committee
Jay Mandraccia Executive Committee 
Wanda Martin 4th District 
Wanda Martin Executive Committee 
Charlotte Maughan Executive Committee 
DeWayne McAnally Executive Committee 
Evelyn McCoy State Committee 
Kyle Minor Executive Committee
Jerome Montgomery 4th District 
Sylvia Morales Executive Committee 
Carma Neta Morris Executive Committee
Toby Pedford Executive Committee
Pam Pollard Executive Committee 
Charlie Potts Executive Committee 
JJ Prachyl Executive Committee
Richard Qualls Executive Committee 
Tom Roach Executive Committee 
Toni Samani Executive Committee
Robert Semands Executive Committee
Al Snipes Executive Committee

[Editor’s Note: Oklahoma County GOP Executive Committee 2013 – 2014 (subject to change by committee).  Special thanks to Oklahoma County for being the first county to publish their Executive Committee list.  OKGrassroots will publish all county lists made available and link on General Tab as provided.  We will count on county leadership to provide updates with the hopes that eventually this information will be available down to the precinct leaders level on the OKGOP website.]

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots

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