Congrats to Winners of First Annual Defenders of Liberty Grassroots Activism Awards

First Annual Defender of Liberty Award Tulsa Area 2013

Defenders of Liberty: Grassroots Activism Awards

On Saturday, August 24, a group of over 60 liberty-minded individuals gathered on the back lawn of a local church in Tulsa, Oklahoma to celebrate the dedication of some of their local activists at the first annual Defenders of Liberty: Grassroots Activism Awards.

While this weekend we gave special recognition to but a few individuals, the efforts of all do not go unseen. Every sign planted, door knocked, cold call made, letter written to your representative, voter educated, idea communicated, and voice outspoken matters. This is a movement whose lifeblood is the individual, because it is one that finally recognizes that single entity’s power. This power is most feared by international bankers, power hungry politicians, corrupt lobbyists, and all their extensions of force. This power is called human energy; it cannot be controlled by those who seek control, but solely by the individual. This power can be temporarily stifled with taxes, regulations, oppression, starvation, torture, endless war, or even murder; but it cannot be stopped. The power to affect change is inherent in each and every one of us, each of you reading these words on the screen in front of you. You are a free and sovereign individual, whose duty is to claim the liberty that is rightfully his.