OCPAC: The Randy Brogdon Show?










A big thanks to Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy for agreeing to be re-scheduled to a later date. Many of you may know that this past Friday State Representative Shane Jett announced he would run for the 5th Congressional District and not seek re-election to the State Legislature. I had the 5 previously known Republican candidates scheduled for the 24th, but with 6 in the race that is too many to try and interview at one meeting. Therefore we will split the 5th district into the next 2 Wednesdays. Coming this week will be businessman Rick Flanigan from Bethany, Dr. Johnny Roy from Edmond and Representative Shane Jett from Tecumseh. I have called James Lankford, Representative Mike Thompson and Kevin Calvey to ask them not to attend this week’s meeting and thus hear the questions asked in advance of their appearance. We want to be as fair as possible to all the candidates.

Each candidate will be allowed 4 minutes to speak then they will answer about 4 questions from me, then the rest of the questions will come from the audience. I suggest arriving early to get a good seat as there is a lot of interest in this race since we are located right in the middle of this congressional seat.


+ TULSA AREA - Tuesday evening March 16th the Tulsa Area Republican

Assembly will have their monthly meeting at the Golden Corral, 71st street and Mingo. Folks will begin to gather for dinner at 6 and the program will begin at 7:00 p.m. The speakers will be State Senator Todd Lamb and State Representative John Wright, they are the Republican candidates for Lt. Governor. As an extra, those in attendance will be able to hear from Randy Bright, architect and Tulsa Beacon columnist who will give a short up-date on the PlaniTulsa. That presentation will be from 6:45 until 7:00.


Last week was the deadline for bills to be heard in each chamber if they were going to be able to move forward to the opposite chamber for consideration. I do want to thank House leadership for allowing the Health Care Freedom of Choice bill to come up for a vote before the full House and their commitment to see such legislation pass. There were also some other pieces of good legislation that moved forward, but I am disappointed that the Oklahoma Environmental Authority legislation by Representative Kern was not allowed to be heard. After a little more research I will convey in a future e-mail why I believe the legislation was not allowed to be voted upon. The reality is this, if Oklahoma residents and businesses experience increased costs for their electric services because of phony “environmental concerns” then the blame for such will rest squarely upon the shoulders of Representative Tad Jones, Speaker Benge and perhaps the rest of the leadership team. The passage of that legislation would have protected Oklahoman’s from such foolishness.


A few days ago the nationally known pollster released his findings on how Republican and Democrat candidates would fare in several different states if the election were held on the polling day. Oklahoma was one of the states he polled and the results pointed toward the possibility of a very good year for Republicans in Oklahoma.

It would not be news to any of the activists in Oklahoma that U.S.

Representative Mary Fallin has an early lead as she polled at 51% compared to 37% for Jari Askins and 36% for Drew Edmondson. However the more telling story is how well State Senator Randy Brogdon does up against the 2 Democrats. Senator Brogdon polled at 42% against Edmondson’s 41% and 39% to 42% for Askins, a virtual tie with each of them. This is impressive since Fallin, Edmondson and Askins have all run and won state wide races and this is the first state wide race for Brogdon.

While Rasmussen didn’t poll the primary candidates pitted against each other, it appears as though Brogdon has made up a lot of ground and is closing what started off as a huge gap in name recognition. I believe both of these primaries will be very close by the time the election arrives in late July.


First a big thanks to Richard and Denise Engle as well as John Williams for helping with the OCPAC table at the big event in Tulsa last Saturday. There were an estimated 6,000 people who laid down a few bucks to attend the big show and at times we were inundated with people accessing our literature.

As an exhibitor, we arrived earlier than most and were greeted by a plethora of Brogdon for Governor signs outside the arena and swarms of Brogdon volunteers at the entrances willing to dispense Brogdon stick on patches. While it wasn’t too surprising to see no presence for Robert Hubbard, a late entry in the race, I was shocked to see no presence for Mary Fallin. You have 6,000 people from all over the state, probably half or more newly awakened and concerned with elections and the Fallin campaign was ABSENT! What a huge mistake or is it that she just doesn’t have any grass roots volunteers, at least in the Tulsa area?

A couple of weeks back I suggested Fallin’s decision to serve in Congress and run for Governor at the same time would hurt her with the grass roots activists. This is especially true since Brogdon has been on a torrid pace meeting with the grass roots Republicans since he announced a little less than a year ago. I was immediately contacted by the Fallin campaign and informed that Mary has been working very hard. I am convinced she has, but it is with small groups and financial supporters from years gone by and to a much lesser degree with the “activists”, people who will talk to their friends and neighbors, turn out to events, knock doors, make phone calls and such.

Following the event the Tulsa 912 group hosted a party at a nearby bar and grill, so we dropped in for an hour. It turned out to be a Brogdon rally, during which time I was introduced to a lady who owns a business in the OKC area who had never heard of Brogdon before, but was now excited by his candidacy. When that kind of grass roots activism ignites it overcomes the value of the big money that the more establishment candidates are able to amass. If nothing else, Saturday really confirmed to me that Senator Brogdon has really has the support of the majority of activists in the state.

I do want to express one word of caution for Republicans in Oklahoma.

When you have such a large number of passionate volunteers, especially with today’s technological capabilities, there are bound to be some over zealous activists who will dredge up old newspaper articles with allegations about then Lt. Governor Fallin. I would suggest that information to be irrelevant as it was some time ago during a difficult time in Mary’s life. I believe several years ago she turned a new page in her life and has moved on past that time.

This race should be about the ideological differences between the candidates, the strategy as to how to govern, the passion and courage of the candidates and whether or not the candidates will make the correct decisions for the benefit of the citizens rather than the benefit of some large contributors who may put self interests ahead of the benefit of all the citizens. That is why it is so important for the candidates to appear at forums where the citizens can ask questions and evaluate those differences.

Make no mistake, I am disappointed that the Fallin campaign has not responded as yet to appear before the members of OCPAC in a timely manner. I am keeping Wednesday, April 21 open as a deadline for Mary to attend before we move on to other races. When I started scheduling, they had their choice of any Wednesday from the middle of February until close to filing date. Most likely would be during the congressional bread for Presidents day or the Easter break. I just don’t believe there was a willingness to appear.


I have received a lot of e-mails regarding the census as the forms have been arriving in the mail. The U.S. Constitution requires that the census be taken every 10 years for the purpose of determining how many U.S. Representatives each state will have. It is very important to be counted, as I would much rather have as many representatives from Oklahoma as possible rather than see states like New York have ever more representation. Most people are concerned with all the intrusive questions which go beyond the number of people who live in your home. Just remember, information is very important to central planning fascists, which is much the system of government of which we have now become.

If you chose not to completely fill out the form, you may want to include a cover letter stating you will provide no more information so as to discourage a census worker from coming to your door looking for more information. I believe it HIGHLY unlikely for a person to be fined for not filling out the form completely and if there were to be a fine, I believe it would be very small. You will have to decide just how much you want to push back toward the feds beyond providing the number of people in your home. It might just be good 10th Amendment training.


Shortly before the MAPS III vote we had Moshe Tal come and speak about how he had been abused by the city of OKC starting shortly after the time of the original MAPS I vote. If I remember correctly Mr. Tal formed the group, Taxpayers for Honest Government, which included several members of OCPAC. I believe they were unsuccessfully sued by then Municipal Counselor William Burkett. Mr. Burkett was counter sued by Mr. Tal and for several years Mr. Tal lost in local courts. However he appealed to the State Supreme Court who basically ruled that he could not get a fair trial in OKC so they moved the venue to Tulsa.

After 4 days of testimony, a jury found Mr. Burkett guilty of acting in reckless disregard of the law and acting intentionally and with malice toward others. The jury awarded Mr. Tal approximately $27,000 in damages and punitive damages of an additional $50,000. According to Mr. Tal, following the trial some in the jury said they hoped verdicts such as this would send a message to officials letting them know that they are not above the law. Moshe Tal should be honored for standing up for what is right and not caving in to the sometimes tyrannical actions of government.


If you would like to join OCPAC, there is a form you need to fill out.

The form will follow my sign off. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows