E-cigarette Ban Draws Rally Rebuttal

Conservative activist Howard Houchen and others angered by Governor Fallin’s ban on e-cigarettes plan a rally on the Capitol steps on January 1st.

houchen header pic2Here’s Houchen’s announcement on Facebook:

“Bring your Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes, E-Cigs, Snuff and Chew for a good ole time of of much needed, peaceful, Civil Disobedience. Even if you do none of these but feel state gov’t is encroaching on the civil liberties of individual, especially with the Executive Order issued by Gov. Mary Fallin BANNING E-Cigarettes and vaping devices on state property — this DOES include State Parks and ALL state property. Then join us at 1:00pm on New Years Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol — South Steps. This will not take a great deal of time.

By-the-way: This is NOT an encouragement to take up smoking!!!

Story covered by Mike McCarville here >>>

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots