Lieberman not allowing testimony on PASS ID Act

Homeland Security Committee chair Senator Joe Lieberman has apparently determined that dissenting comments are not to be allowed during the committee meeting on S. 1261, the PASS ID Act bill which repeals one part of the controversial REAL ID Act of 2005. As of this writing only two opinions will be heard in committee – Stuart Baker (DHS), who is against the PASS ID Act because he’s for the REAL ID Act, and someone from the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) who is for the PASS ID Act and who has only slight concerns about privacy rights. What happened to healthy debate, openness in government, and listening to the concerns of the American public and citizenexperts with first hand experience in biometric technology and where it’s headed? (Mark Lerner, among others).  Apparently the committee process is contrived and only has the appearance of represention in action. Calls are needed to Senator Joe Lieberman asap.  Ask him to please allow more than the two pro-big brother intrusiveness folks to speak – the people need a voice in this committee meeting and they need it now. Contact information for Sen. Joe Lieberman: (202) 224-4041 The other committee members are listed at Call all of the 15 other Senators on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. More details and information on the content of the bill, and the specific language that skirts around actually calling the facial image capture ‘biometric’, but really is,  see Calls needed today.