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Exciting News!  Laurette Lynn (in Tulsa Area) is teaching folks to communicate their message better.  Who would not want to do that?! Laurette has done public speaking for years. She has organized events and home educated her children. She has experience with her own radio show and has thrilled audiences fortunate enough to have her speak.  Some in our midst are now running for office and working to get their message out.  Some are marketing their own business.  We all need to communicate our message so that it is both heard and acted upon timely and properly.  I just got this email from Laurette Lynn and encourage you to take advantage of her seminar February 22nd.  Sign up today!/sc

Laurette LynnIntroducing Deliberate Expression:formerly/ a fun and interactive, live seminar on improving interpersonal communication skills.

We all want our message to be more than just heard.  We want to be understood and we want our ideas to be valued and appreciated for what they are.  However, when our statements are misinterpreted it disrupts the quality of our ideas and dilutes the value of what we are offering.

When: February 22nd  
Where: South Tulsa (address provided upon registration)
Time: 2:PM – 4:30 PM (approximately 2.5 hours)

This seminar is geared to benefit anyone age 16 and over! 

Price: $20 per person -OR- $25 per couple 

Space is limited please email Laurettelynn[@] to register!

Laurette Lynn

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots

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