Liberty on Tap Roadshow – Reprint

Liberty On Tap hit the road and headed to Ardmore, Oklahoma on Friday, February 28, where we addressed a crowd at the Red Dirt Brewhouse. The topic of discussion was “The Conservative Case Against Prohibition: How the Unintended Consequences of the War on Drugs Have Created Bigger Government.”

Joanna Francisco opened the presentation with some background information on Liberty on Tap. Her presentation focused on medicinal cannabis and how it relates to personal health freedom. Joanna attended an event last November where families, doctors and scientists gave testimony on the benefits of cannabis to treat epilepsy in children. There were children present who were receiving treatment with much success and others who live in Oklahoma that do not have access to it and were wanting the ear of legislators to educate them on the need for it in Oklahoma.

Joanna emphasized, “But the main point is that every individual has the natural right to pursue the medical treatment of their choice and it is time for the law in Oklahoma to reflect that rather than to continue to serve as a source of violence against those who would dare seek proven treatments by using a harmless, yet illegal, plant. We need people to become more educated on this issue and fight on principle for the right of all people to determine their own course of action regarding their health rather than enabling the bureaucratic state to micromanage individuals’ healthcare decisions. Isn’t that what we want? OR do Oklahomans like having government bureaucrats and politicians making their healthcare decisions for them? Which is it? We need to be consistent.

It is the epitome of nanny-state big government to support laws that restrict what grown individuals can ingest or inhale. Advocating for government intervention in such personal matters is not conservative! Micromanagement by government is collectivist and progressive! We should reject these very un-Republican tendencies.”

Joanna introduced Lisa Bowman who covered a brief history of the war on drugs, the prison industrial complex, and how it affects minorities disproportionately. Her presentation made references to how government studies on cannabis have debunked every myth and how these studies were ignored by past presidents and legislators and withheld from the public. She stressed the importance of educating and correcting the misinformation and stigma that led to cannabis prohibition in the first place. She provided information on jury nullification and how it can be a helpful tool in combating the injustice of the war on drugs.

Lisa ended with, “The problem is not solved by enacting more laws, it is solved by restoring rights. Locking people up for non violent (drug related) offenses does not support liberty or freedom. It instead feeds the state (increases government), victimizes peaceful people in the form of taxation and incarceration, keeps people out of the work force, and makes it difficult for them to attain a quality of life once released. The war on drugs is a fraud, a failure, and human rights violation. It is imperative that you, your friends, family, and legislators are educated and well informed. Nullifying cannabis laws has little to do with “getting high” and everything to do with individual rights, morality, and justice.”

TC Ryan concluded the presentation by highlighting cases of abuse and violations at the hands of the police in the name of the war on drugs. He pointed out one case in particular where a man was violated for eight hours via medical colonoscopy, enemas and other procedures, looking for drugs that were never present. Adding insult to injury, this man was also sent the bill for the procedure! The ever increasing militarized police state abuses individual rights with little to no accountability.

TC stressed, “As conservatives who advocate for limited government, we must be aware of the unintended consequences of the war on drugs which has included the decline of liberty and a rise in violations of our natural rights that were to be protected by our Constitution.”

Liberty on Tap extends many thanks to Anna Flatt, GOP Carter County Chair, for inviting us to speak and to all who participated. We enjoyed meeting new people and seeing some familiar friendly faces as well. We hope that the information was received well and that everyone left a little more knowledgeable of this very crucial issue.

Please join us for Liberty on Tap’s regular monthly meeting on March 6, at 6PM at it’s NEW location, Fox and Hound, 71 & Garnett, Tulsa, OK. FaceBook.

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