Legislative Alert: Calls Needed HJR1026

Three bills passed the Senate on Tuesday. April 22.  HB3367 (brings knives under state preemption law), HB2461 (requires local law enforcement to process NFA applications), and HB2539 (broadens and modernizes language on when a person can use deadly force and who a person can use force to protect) all passed the Senate and are going to the Governor’s desk for her signature.

Two other important bills are expected to be heard Wednesday or Thursday.  HB2617 will remove non secured state and local government buildings from the list of prohibited places in the Self Defense Act.  Local government officials raised concerns about liability – a legitimate concern for them.  OK2A has worked to include language providing for immunity from liability for government entities controlling the buildings in question so they are protected if an accident occurs through no fault of their own.  This has delayed the bill, however, we believe the issues have been resolved and the bill will be heard this week.

Opposition has arisen to HJR1026.  Higher Ed has recognized the possibility that HJR1026 could be interpreted by the courts to require campus carry be allowed in some form.  We cannot give a definitive answer as to how the courts would rule on the issue, but it is possible.  This means that the debate and vote on the resolution may be closer in the Senate than it was in the House.  We have been working with the Senate author, Senator Treat, to secure the votes necessary to pass the resolution.  We need you to call or email your Senator and ask them to support HJR1026.  The switchboard number for the State Senate is (405) 524-0126.

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