Randy Barnett asks Governor Fallin to Sign HB 3399 to Repeal Common Core

excerpt from Randy Barnett’s letter to Governor Fallin on June 4, 2014: Our nation faces a growing crisis, yet Oklahoma remains as a beacon of hope in the heartland. Please reassume the leadership by signing HB 3399 immediately and moving ahead.

Let’s get back to basics by honoring the will of the People, of parents and the local schools in order to serve the best interests of Oklahoma families.

About Randy Barnett
Randy Barnett has served on numerous campaigns, always supporting the America First – Reagan wing of the party, serving as a policy and issues adviser for GOP candidates committed to Constitutional standards and defending the Bill of Rights. Randy served faithfully as precinct chair in the Republican Party in Washington County for many years. He now lives in the Tulsa area and serves as NE Oklahoma Coordinator for Oath Keepers. You can see more of his work via RJ (Randy) Barnett's Blog.