What do Smart Meters and the Dunlap Family have in Common? Can you say RFID Lobbyist at Work!

Would you cast a vote that EMPOWERS a POLITICIAN turned CORPORATE LOBBYIST?

Would you even know if you were doing so?

Consider  a 4th generation politician who has a family member that represents Oklahoma Gas and Electric and a list of other corporations lobbying for favors all the time and getting paid to do so.

Jim Dunlap Consultants Client List

Would you vote for them if you knew that a family member represents companies working to infringe on your 4th amendment rights to privacy by supporting and lobbying for companies who have made sure you have no way to opt out of the installation of Smart Meters?

Do you know which companies lobbied for this bill?

Pdf version here: http://www.smartgridlegalnews.com/1079.pdf

What do Smart Meters, Jim Dunlap Consultants and Travis Dunlap have in Common?

Jim Dunlap is Travis Dunlap’s uncle. Jim Dunlap represents Oklahoma Gas and Energy, who would like to put Smart Meters in your home.  Jim also represents Hewlett Packard and HID Global, who are part of the RFID movement in the Smart Grid Global plans to share your health data and your consumer data all under the auspices of protecting you.

Would you feel safe under a SMART GRID technology that you can’t control ?   Or do you want your Data kept private?


The document Oklahoma Capitol Offenders 2010 HB 2569 Meet the “Chippers” has been deleted.

Many districts and races are effected around the state.  

Be sure you know the linkages in your area and do not vote for those involved in this corporate scheme.

The contrast is very clear in the race in HD10.

Randy Barnett is working to restore & protect your 4th amendment rights ….  and all the others too!

Randy stands on the Constitutional principles that safeguard all Americans against these schemes of centralized control.

 “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Let’s resist any corporate schemes of control going on in OKC!

RJB Card with issues

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h/t to LaShelle Griffith for the information provided in this article (via email)

h/t to Kaye Beach for the background and the famous meet the chippers information which was groundbreaking at the time it released (via scribd link above)

Posted by Sandra Crosnoe for OKGrassroots