The Repeal of Common Core Stands – for now! Ever Vigilant is the Watchword

We won the battle at the Supreme Court today – HB3399 was ruled constitutional.

The courtroom was packed. Folding chairs were brought in until there was no more room. The vote was 8-1.

Now the process of developing the new standards begins. If you would be interested in serving on one of the committees to draft or review the new ELA or Math standards, visit this web site and sign up for consideration. As citizens we need to continue to demonstrate interest in the process of developing the best standards in the nation.

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Oklahoma Stands firm on Common Core Repeal

Awesome victory today!

For Immediate Release: The Board members of ROPE would like to thank their attorneys Don and G.K. Powers of Powers at Law, John Paul Jordan, attorney for the Tulsa 912 Project and all those who donated to fund the amicus briefs filed in support of HB3399. Though the opinion has not been released for publication and is subject to change or revocation, all justices but one, (Gurich) deemed HB3399 CONSTITUTIONAL and therefore no ruling was necessary on severability.

We are so grateful to the justices of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma for ruling in favor of the Oklahoma Constitution and also, by extension, the voice of the people in favor of bureaucracy. We also very much appreciate the excellent work of the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office and Solicitor Patrick Wyrick, who did a stellar job as defender of the people in this case.

As ROPE has said for years, the Common Core is not so much about educational standards as educational freedom and the excellence that can result from a parent’s right to direct the education of their child. Educational freedom can not be imparted by a top down system imposing its will upon individuals, it must bubble up from individuals utilizing their voice through their local district school board and, if necessary, their individual state representation. Any level of government by bureaucracy – particularly in education – stifles individual learning and growth.

We now look forward with the happy intent of working with the new superintendent on standards created by OKLAHOMA teachers to elevate OKLAHOMA students to any level they desire to go.

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Special thanks to ROPE and all the people actively engaged in this very important issue – for educational excellence in Oklahoma – locally controlled and not federally mandated allowing our creativity to thrive and prosper. #R3s#4life #4liberty Praising God for His wisdom and favor above all!/sc

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