State Attempts Ownership Of All Kids

Even a flawed family may hold more promise than state custody.
Family Love is something the state cannot replicate

   That's the subtitle of the public policy news about the states' Department of Child Welfare and their over-reach into families with disabilities.
   State regulators are establishing ever-higher standards of perfection in child-rearing and using police powers to bring trauma and destabilization to children, and doing so with a self-justifying mantra of protecting that child from an unknown & unregulated home life.  Even a malicious & anonymous phone tip will set off a home invasion and state sanctioned kidnapping. The parent has to wait weeks of isolation before an opportunity to prove the absence of any justification, before they get their child back. And even then, a judge may mandate endless "probationary" oversight by the state agencies. 

Fabio was initially denied recognition
on his daughter's birth certificate,
because the state said he's
"not smart enough to be a dad"
   Some times the state even denies the very claim of parenthood at birth! A couple from Brazil had to fight a legal battle just to have the father's name on his daughter's birth certificate. His "crime" was being slightly below the state's definition of acceptable mental intelligence. That judge was being petitioned by the state to "protect" the child from a less than ideal home environment.  In this age of massive family disintegration and child abandonment; I'm thrilled that this extended family is so dedicated to each other.
   The courts and govt. policy just assumes that this family will fail. They even denied this father the very right to have his name on his daughter's birth certificate!  I'm so impressed by the character and dedication of this man to fight for his family and discredit the patronizing condescension of the state.  His wife is living the ideal of motherhood and the baby has a big family looking after the needs of each other.     Parents are increasingly threatened with claims of child abuse because they expect their child to help supply an accommodation for their disabled parent. Read more: formerly/
Are family chores a form of abuse and endangerment?
   And Today's family farms are also under a constant risk of such charges and legislators have had to expressly "carve out" an exception for families who's kids help run the agri-business. But city-dwelling families are left without such protections and "taking a child to work" is often seen as endangering.
   The sad truth is; the state's foster care programs have a horrible legacy of preparing a child for life, and the young adult is abandoned when they become 'of age'. The state simply cannot provide a real family bond which is lasting and anchoring the next generation in a way which truly prepares them for parenthood.
Monica & David

   Medical science is developing incredible break-throughs which lead to longer life expextancies and higher levels of functional independence.  When Monica and David were born in the 1970s, children with Down syndrome had a life expectancy of under 25. Many parents were told by well-meaning doctors that their children would never walk, talk or lead meaningful lives.

Their generation defied those predictions, and now this Miami couple, both in their 30s and expected to live well beyond their 60s, has shattered misconceptions about the lives of those who have intellectual disabilities.

Monica and David are married and share all its love and intimacies.

'Monica & David' Looks at Married Couple With Down Syndrome
Their journey to independence with parental support is chronicled in "Monica & David," which won Best Documentary Feature at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival,