RCSC Files Amicus Brief on Marriage — We All Know in our Hearts What It Is!

Supreme_Court_reuse_allowedMarriage by definition is a covenant under God between a man and a woman — it simply is. Please take a look at the amicus brief prepared here and support with prayer, time and money as you feel inclined to do so.   My prayer is for wisdom to prevail in our midst and with our leaders. One could make the case that the more the state intervenes, the more the state intervenes. Whenever we decide to go against God’s natural law, then we actually cause problems and create a need for the state to intervene.

Ah well, that has been the battle of the ages, the church vs the state. If we would seek to please our heavenly Father first and foremost, then other things might fall into place much better for everyone.


Here is Carolyn McLarty‘s letter on topic:

The RCSC is an independent organization of current members of the Republican National Committee (RNC). It meets regularly in conjunction with the meetings of the RNC to discuss issues of importance to the Republican Party and its Members. The Steering Committee is currently made up of a majority of the members of the RNC. The RCSC voted to approve submission of this Amici Curiae Brief to the Court.

This Brief makes the argument, with substantiated facts, that traditional marriage and families are essential for a free society to thrive. Changing the definition of marriage would promote societal instability, be detrimental to children, and increase the need for intrusive government programs and intervention.

Therefore, states have compelling interests to implement laws promoting and protecting traditional marriage; and, these laws are constitutional.

Please take the time to read the Brief, sign the petition, and share this with your like-minded friends.

If you feel so led, please make an optional donation to help us pay the legal fees, printing, and filing fees associated with this document’s creation and submission. We will only accept donations until the bills are paid. Our goal is $35,000.

Thank you again for participating in the fight to defend traditional marriage.


Carolyn L. McLarty, DVM
Chairman Republican Conservative Steering Committee
Republican National Committeewoman for Oklahoma
http://republicancsc.com  [you can donate and sign a petition of support here]

You can read the full brief (pdf format) here >>>

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