OK2A: Sheriffs Refuse To Comply With New NFA Law


Some sheriffs in our state are failing to honor the NFA law passed in 2014.  The law went into effect in November of last year and requires that they process NFA requests within 15 days.  We have received word that several sheriffs are not complying with the new law.

OK2A is preparing to send a letter to all 77 Oklahoma sheriffs to remind them of the new law and to serve notice that we are watching and will not stand idly by if they refuse to honor the new law.  Most sheriffs are complying with the law, but for those who willfully violate it, we will act.

If you or anyone you know has sent NFA paperwork to their sheriff only to have it thrown out or stuck in the middle of a stack of papers, we want to hear from you.  Email us at info@ok2a.org.

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